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Type Theory and Functional Programming

Type Theory and Functional Programming
by Simon Thompson

Publisher: Addison-Wesley 1999
ISBN/ASIN: 0201416670
ISBN-13: 9780201416671
Number of pages: 378

The book can be thought of as giving both a first and a second course in type theory. It begins with introductory material on logic and functional programming, and follow this by presenting the system of type theory itself, together with many examples. As well as this, this book goes further, looking at the system from a mathematical perspective, thus elucidating a number of its important properties. This book then takes a critical look at the profusion of suggestions in the literature about why and how type theory could be augmented. In doing this, this book is aiming at a moving target; it must be the case that further developments will have been made before the book reaches the press. Nonetheless, such an survey can give the reader a much more developed sense of the potential of type theory, as well as giving the background of what is to come.

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