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Trapped in the Net

Trapped in the Net
by Gene I. Rochlin

Publisher: Princeton University Press 1998
ISBN/ASIN: 0691002479
ISBN-13: 9780691002477
Number of pages: 310

Computers have opened up vast opportunities to millions of people, but dependence on computers has taken away options as well. Our means of living and working become restricted by the way we have our computer systems designed. Gene Rochlin takes a thoughtful look at the unexpected trade-offs that come with a wired society, such as the inability of many customer service and reservations people to correct simple problems because of the way their computers force them to work, or some airplanes where electronics provide more safety and precision but at the cost of losing a pilot's manual override should the system fail. Rochlin raises a convincing warning about both over-reliance and the loss of basic operational options in our lives.

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