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Practical PostgreSQL

Practical PostgreSQL
by John C. Worsley, Joshua D. Drake

Publisher: O'Reilly 2002
ISBN/ASIN: 1565928466
ISBN-13: 9781565928466
Number of pages: 636

Arguably the most capable of all the open source databases, PostgreSQL is an object-relational database management system first developed in 1977 by the University of California at Berkeley. In spite of its long history, this robust database suffers from a lack of easy-to-use documentation. Practical PostgreSQL fills that void with a fast-paced guide to installation, configuration, and usage. This comprehensive new volume shows you how to compile PostgreSQL from source, create a database, and configure PostgreSQL to accept client-server connections. It also covers the many advanced features, such as transactions, versioning, replication, and referential integrity that enable developers and DBAs to use PostgreSQL for serious business applications.

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