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Foch, the Man of Orleans

Foch, the Man of Orleans
by Basil Henry Liddell Hart

Publisher: Little, Brown, and Company 1932

Foch was hailed as a savior in WW I, and for all the wrong reasons. He was irrationally aggressive, overly dedicated to the offensive, stolid and unimaginative. Yet he ended up in charge of all Allied armies and presided over five million deaths. Basil H. Liddell Hart explains his purpose: "It is my strongest hope that this book will not be regarded as an attack on Foch. It certainly brings out his too absorbing devotion to the offensive in the theory and practice of war--and the grave consequences [in human life] not only to France but to her Allies. But, this question apart, the book is really an analysis of the limitations which high command suffered under the conditions of the World War."

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