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Collective Defense or Strategic IndependenceCollective Defense or Strategic Independence
by Ted Galen Carpenter (ed.) - Cato Institute , 1989
The doctrine of collective defense has governed U.S. foreign policy for more than four decades and has enjoyed public consensus. But now prominent figures on both the left and the right are advocating a new look at America's global commitments.
Russia in the ArcticRussia in the Arctic
by Stephen J. Blank (ed.) - Strategic Studies Institute , 2011
The Arctic is the newest sphere of international competition for energy and security access. These essays fully explore and analyze what is at stake here and what Moscow has done to increase its capability and influence in the Arctic.

The Victory At SeaThe Victory At Sea
by William Sowden Sims - John Murray , 1920
An authoritative, summarized accounting with illustrations and maps of U.S. naval operations during the First World War. It is a 'must' for any naval historian, research scholar, coalition military tactician, including naval learning centers.
Selection and Use of Strategic Air BasesSelection and Use of Strategic Air Bases
by Albert Wohlstetter, et al. - RAND Corporation , 1954
An examination of the critical factors in strategic-base selection and an application of this analysis. The factors considered are the distances from bases to targets, to favorable entry points into enemy defenses, and to the source of base supply.
Nuclear Heuristics: Selected Writings of Albert and Roberta WohlstetterNuclear Heuristics: Selected Writings of Albert and Roberta Wohlstetter
by R. Zarate, H. D. Sokolski - Strategic Studies Institute , 2009
The book demonstrates not only the historical importance, but also the continuing relevance of the Wohlstetters' work in national security strategy and nuclear policy. Over twenty of Albert and Roberta's most influential writings are available.
The Compleat Strategyst: Being a Primer on the Theory of Games of StrategyThe Compleat Strategyst: Being a Primer on the Theory of Games of Strategy
by John D. Williams - RAND Corporation , 2007
When this book was originally published in 1954, game theory was an esoteric and mysterious subject. Its popularity today can be traced at least in part to this book, which popularized the subject for amateurs and professionals throughout the world.
Strategy in the Missile AgeStrategy in the Missile Age
by Bernard Brodie - RAND Corporation , 2007
The book was written during the dawn of the nuclear age, when the advent of intercontinental ballistic missiles necessitated a massive rethinking of military strategy and power. Originally published in 1959, it retains ample relevance today.
Some principles of maritime strategySome principles of maritime strategy
by Julian Stafford Corbett - Naval & Military Press , 2003
The book covers the theory of naval war, command of the sea, the constitution of fleets, concentration and dispersal of force, typical forms of naval operations, methods of securing and disputing command, methods of exercising command, and more.
The Strategy of Indirect ApproachThe Strategy of Indirect Approach
by B.H. Liddell Hart - Faber and Faber Ltd. , 1929
The new edition of the strategy of indirect approach first written in 1929. In the years following its publication, World War II has provided further examples of the superiority of the indirect over the direct approach.