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The Stargate Black HoleThe Stargate Black Hole
by V Bertolaccini - Smashwords , 2015
A secret agent probes scientists creating a stargate after time warps and black holes are made in particle accelerators in space, and enters it and hurtles through a gateway, and a starship crew is attacked by a devil-like presence in deep space ...

Message from GondwanaMessage from Gondwana
by David Wiley - Smashwords , 2014
A corporation sends a team to Gondwana, a jungle planet. It is perfect for pharmaceutical prospecting, exotic vegetation loaded with strange chemical compounds. The newest member of the team, Lani Callis, wants to impress the team ...

Passengers to Zeta NinePassengers to Zeta Nine
by Peter Salisbury - Smashwords , 2010
The second of Peter Salisbury's Passenger novels. The electronic mind patterns and DNA records of Raife Harris and Doctor Nancy Zing have travelled amongst the stars for one hundred and twenty years. They will be the first humans to see Zeta Nine.

Scale FreeScale Free
by Patrick Arnesen - Smashwords , 2013
Scale Free takes the reader to a moment in future-history when a fledgling society of uploaded people, still reveling in their new-found freedom, must face the old-world of humanity. Humans are struggling to come to grips with presence of uploads.

Four-Day PlanetFour-Day Planet
by H. Beam Piper - Putnam , 1961
Dangerous beasts, impossible weather, and political intrigue on the planet Fenris, a backwater planet with days that last a quarter of a year. Unusual astronomical environments, correct technology and a good detective story makes good reading.

When Minds CollideWhen Minds Collide
by Marjorie F. Baldwin - Smashwords , 2012
Can two men coexist inside one mind? Andrew Caine and Joshua Scherrer can barely coexist outside, on the same planet. After they're involved in a fatal car accident, the enigmatic native Phoenicians have sent someone to 'help' them blend together.

The Metamorphosis of Prime IntellectThe Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect
by Roger Williams , 2011
Lawrence sets out to build an AI that can pass as human, and finds himself instead with one that can pass as a god. Taking the Three Laws of Robotics literally, Prime Intellect makes every human immortal and provides for every human desire...

Life ArtificialLife Artificial
by David A Eubanks - lifeartificial.com , 2012
The logs of an artificial intelligence in a post-apocalyptical world. Their survival depends on their ability to perform jobs and not to upset the 'Stickies', the mistrusting remains of humankind. Hard, elaborate science fiction in a dark future.

The Tomorrow ProjectThe Tomorrow Project
by D. Rushkoff, R. Hammond, S. Thomas, M. Heitz - Intel , 2010
All stories in this collection are based on technologies Intel is currently developing in their labs. Each story is unique in its own vision and portrayal of life in the future, but each of them is extraordinarily good at capturing the human drama.

Which Art in HopeWhich Art in Hope
by Francis Porretto - Smashwords , 2010
A great sci-fi novel with a strong dose of science. When the Federation fled Earth they had only the slimmest chance of finding a habitable world. 544 years later they found one; they named it Hope. However, Hope isn't what it seemed.

Ye of Little FaithYe of Little Faith
by Roger Phillips Graham - Project Gutenberg , 2010
The disappearance of John Henderson was most spectacular. It occurred while he was at the blackboard working an example in integration for his ten o'clock class. The incompleted problem remained on the board while the police worked on the case.

Zero HourZero Hour
by Alexander Blade - BooksFairy.com , 1956
This is a short science fiction story produced from 'Imagination', April, 1956. By accident Bobby discovered the rocket was about to be shot to the Moon. Naturally he wanted to go along. But could he smuggle himself aboard?

Police Your PlanetPolice Your Planet
by Lester del Rey - Avalon Books , 1956
SF novel that would appeal to Mickey Spillane fans, this book features lots of violence, beatings, and blood. But this isn't just a crime novel put into space; this is a hard SF novel, and the terraforming of Mars is central to the story.

by Peter Watts - Tor Books , 2008
In this stimulating hard SF novel, the author explores the nature of consciousness. The book combines riveting action with a fascinating alien environment. In the late 21st century something alien is discovered beyond the edge of the solar system.

by Charles Stross - Ace Hardcover , 2005
The Macz family has struggled for three generations to cope with the technological achievements that have rendered humans near obsolete. Then, something starts to annihilate all biological lifeforms. A novel destined to change the face of the genre.