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A Honeymoon in SpaceA Honeymoon in Space
by George Griffith - C. Arthur Pearson Ltd. , 1901
Lenox has made the greatest scientific discovery in the history: a flying ship with the power to break free of Earth's gravity. But before he uses it to expand humanity's understanding of the universe, he has some personal business to attend to.
Greegs and LaddersGreegs and Ladders
by Zack Mitchell, Danny Mendlow , 2013
Greegs and Ladders is a wildly exciting tale of three oddball characters romping around space and time. Equal parts social satire and fun loving adventure, Greegs promises laughs, a few mildly intelligent and/or interesting observations...
Terra TwoTerra Two
by Francis Rosenfeld - Smashwords , 2013
A reclusive order of women masters the art of bringing to life the sterile land of Terra Two, a coffee colored planet, and are included in the Terra forming mission. At the age of 116, Sarah is entrusted to tell the story of their first 100 years.

by Ryan Grabow - Splashdown Books , 2011
Brandon feels like a dying ember. He's jobless and feels worthless, and falling in love has only made his problem worse. In an authoritarian and overstimulated 22nd-century America, all he can do is indulge in the computer-simulated fantasies...
by Andreas Ingo , 2013
Luminance is a novel about Love Revolution: Revolution of the heart, mind and soul but also about revolution in society. It happens to be set in a parallel universe, on a world resembling a great flower. This is a world of different physical laws.
The Banjo Players Must DieThe Banjo Players Must Die
by Josef Assad - , 2007
A few centuries into the future, not much has changed about the basic characteristic of civilization. Wishing to end the world, the angels are left to their own devices by a God concerned with new prototypes of bigger boobs for the next universe.
by Peter Watts - Tor Books , 1999
Peter Watts's first novel explores the last mysterious place on earth -- the floor of a deep sea rift. Channer Vent is a zone of freezing darkness that belongs to shellfish the size of boulders and crimson worms three meters long...
Fear and AggressionFear and Aggression
by Dane Bagley - Smashwords , 2012
A technological breakthrough has forever changed the scope and scale of space travel. Tension on earth builds as the inhabitants realize that the vast distance between stars has never been an obstacle for inter-planetary travel ...
The Cosmic ComputerThe Cosmic Computer
by H. Beam Piper - ManyBooks , 1963
Conn Maxwell returns from Terra to his poverty-stricken home planet of Poictesme, 'The Junkyard Planet', with news of the possible location of Merlin, a military super-computer rumored to have been abandoned there after the last war...
Sirius: A Fantasy of Love and DiscordSirius: A Fantasy of Love and Discord
by Olaf Stapledon - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
Sirius, a huge and handsome dog with the brain and intelligence of a human being, is a truly remarkable and gifted creature. But Sirius isn't human and the conflicts and inner turmoil that torture him cannot be resolved.
The Sex Life of the GodsThe Sex Life of the Gods
by Michael Knerr - Uptown Publications , 1962
He left the mother ship and headed for Terra; he smiled at the instrument panel and watched the operation of the big scout ship as it rocketed toward the light ribbon of atmosphere that enveloped the planet. It was a joke, in a way ...
The Truth MachineThe Truth Machine
by James L. Halperin , 1996
What would the world be like if scientists developed the perfect lie detector? Halperin argues that such an invention could lead humanity into an era of unequaled prosperity, one in which crime is virtually unknown and true democracy is possible.
The Status CivilizationThe Status Civilization
by Robert Sheckley - ManyBooks , 1960
Thrilling novel in a future with a gulag planet. Philosophical interesting as the author goes to extremes eradicating all crime on Earth, creating a black/white world. First appeared under the title Omega in Amazing Science Fiction Stories.
by Ayn Rand - ManyBooks , 1938
A dystopian fiction novella, first published in 1938. It takes place at some future date when mankind has entered another dark age as a result of the evils of irrationality and collectivism and the weaknesses of socialistic thinking and economics.
Mars GirlMars Girl
by Jeff Garrity - Feedbooks , 2008
Mars Girl is fast-paced, insightful, inventive and very funny. Its vision of where the mutual dependence of politicians and media producers will end is both hilarious and a little frightening. Required reading for anyone who watches cable news.
Star MakerStar Maker
by William Olaf Stapledon - Feedbooks , 1937
A poetic and deeply philosophical work, the true classics of SF. The book challenges preconceived notions of intelligence and awareness, and ultimately argues for a broadened perspective that would free us from our inevitable anthropomorphism.
Simon of SpaceSimon of Space
by Cheeseburger Brown - , 2008
Intelligent, humorous and quirky science fiction. Simon remembers his birth; he was 36 years old at the time. A victim of technology and circumstance, Simon's memory has been wiped clean, leaving him to rediscover his own identity.
In the Days of the CometIn the Days of the Comet
by H. G. Wells - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
A provocative novel by H.G. Wells. In the midst of a world war, a comet brushes the atmosphere of earth, causing everyone to lose consciousness for a few hours. When the world awakens, everyone has an expanded understanding of the meaning of things.
The Island of Dr. MoreauThe Island of Dr. Moreau
by H. G. Wells - Heinemann, Stone & Kimball , 1896
The Island of Dr. Moreau, originally published in 1896, is a science fiction novel written by H. G. Wells that addresses the ideas of society, community and human nature. Wells also touches on the concepts of eugenics and Darwinism.
The Country of the Blind and Other StoriesThe Country of the Blind and Other Stories
by H. G. Wells - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
H. G. Wells explores the relationship between the fantastical and everyday. Here horror meets humor: this is a marvelous literary universe showcasing the author's fascination with the wonders and perils of scientific progress.
The Rhesus FactorThe Rhesus Factor
by Sonny Whitelaw - Double Dragon Publishing , 2005
SF novel about the impact of climate change on us as a global society. It charts the breakdown of our health care system, the failure of insurance companies, and the economic crisis that leads to the dispossession of people across the country.
Phantom UniversePhantom Universe
by Laura Kreitzer - Smashwords , 2012
Sold into slavery to pirates, Summer learns to survive the rough seas of subterfuge and thieves through silence. When the boat she's lived on most of her life is destroyed, Summer is washed up on the shore of a new world, a phantom universe ...