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White NightsWhite Nights
by Fyodor Dostoyevsky - The Macmillan Company , 1918
Told in first person by a nameless narrator. He is living in Saint Petersburg and suffers from loneliness. He falls in love with a young woman, but the love remains unrequited as the woman misses her lover with whom she is finally reunited.
A Raw YouthA Raw Youth
by Fyodor Dostoyevsky - eBooks@Adelaide , 2010
Arkady is a young man whose legal father is a man he doesn't know and his biological father, Versilov, is someone he doesn't know how to deal with. Arkady ends up getting a very important document that many people want from him ...

The PossessedThe Possessed
by Fyodor Dostoyevsky - eBooks@Adelaide , 2010
One of Dostoyevsky's most famous novels, this 1872 work utilizes five main characters and their ideas to describe the political chaos of Imperial Russia in the nineteenth century. Based on an actual event involving the murder of a revolutionary.
The IdiotThe Idiot
by Fyodor Dostoyevsky - eBooks@Adelaide , 2004
Returning from a sanitarium in Switzerland, the epileptic Prince Myshkin finds himself enmeshed in a tangle of love, torn between two women -- Nastasya and Aglaia -— both involved with the corrupt, money-hungry Ganya. Translated by Eva Martin.
The GamblerThe Gambler
by Fyodor Dostoyevsky - eBooks@Adelaide , 2003
The Gambler brilliantly captures the powerful compulsion to bet that Dostoyevsky, himself a compulsive gambler, knew so well. The hero rides an emotional roller coaster between exhilaration and despair, and secondary characters are unforgettable.
The Brothers KaramazovThe Brothers Karamazov
by Fyodor Dostoyevsky - eBooks@Adelaide , 2003
The final novel by Dostoyevsky. It is the story of Fyodor Karamazov and his sons. It is also a story of patricide, into the sordid unfolding of which Dostoyevsky introduces a love-hate struggle with profound psychological and spiritual implications.
Notes from the UndergroundNotes from the Underground
by Fyodor Dostoyevsky - Project Gutenberg , 1996
The book marks the dividing line between classic and 20th century fiction, and between the visions that each century embodied. The narrator is a man who has withdrawn to an underground existence. Definitely author’s most revolutionary novel.
Crime and PunishmentCrime and Punishment
by Fyodor Dostoyevsky - P. F. Collier & son , 1917
The poverty-stricken Raskolnikov, believing he is exempt from moral law, murders a man only to face the consequences not only from society but from his conscience, in this seminal story of justice, morality, and redemption from the great novelist.