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Theresa RaquinTheresa Raquin
by Emile Zola - eBooks@Adelaide , 2013
The novel caused a scandal when it appeared and brought its author a notoriety that followed him throughout his life. Zola's novel is a portrayal of adultery, madness, ghostly revenge, and an exploration of the darkest aspects of human existence.
The Fat and the ThinThe Fat and the Thin
by Emile Zola - eBooks@Adelaide , 2011
This is a study of the teeming life which surrounds the great central markets of Paris. It embraces a powerful allegory, the prose song of the eternal battle between the lean and the fat -- a battle in which the latter always come off successful.
The Fortune of the RougonsThe Fortune of the Rougons
by Emile Zola - eBooks@Adelaide , 2010
The first of a series of more than twenty novels, The Fortune of the Rougons presents the passions and conflicts of two families -- one wealthy and aiming at the aristocracy, the other working-class and in desperate poverty.
The DownfallThe Downfall
by Emile Zola - Project Gutenberg , 2004
Zola tells the story of a terrific land-slide which overwhelmed the French Second Empire: It is a story of war, grim and terrible; of a struggle to the death between two great nations. The result is one of the masterpieces of literature.

by Emile Zola - ManyBooks , 1885
Zola's masterpiece of working life and everyday relationships; it exposes the inhuman conditions of miners in northern France in the 1860s. Germinal is also a complex novel of ideas, given fresh vigor and power in this new translation.
The SoilThe Soil
by Emile Zola - Vizetelly , 1888
The Soil, around which a great controversy has raged, is a novel which treats of the conditions of life in France before the war with Prussia, and the downfall of the Second Empire. It is, in some respects, the most powerful of all Zola's novels.
by Emile Zola - Project Gutenberg , 1880
This novel, first published in 1880, tells the story of ruthless protagonist Nana's rise from the gutter to the height of Parisian society. The book's heavy allusion to sexual favors caused it to be denounced as pornography upon publication.