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Under the DeodarsUnder the Deodars
by Rudyard Kipling - Greenock , 1900
This is the history of a failure; but the woman who failed said that it might be an instructive tale to put into print for the benefit of the younger generation. The younger generation does not want instruction, being perfectly willing to instruct...
Traffics and DiscoveriesTraffics and Discoveries
by Rudyard Kipling , 1904
Kipling's eternal themes of war, colonialism, and cultural conflicts are all addressed and explored in staggering detail in this masterpiece. Powerful characterisation and vivid landscapes combine to produce a series of memorable war stories.
The Seven SeasThe Seven Seas
by Rudyard Kipling - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
A bitter, disillusioned series of poems centred on Britain's role in colonialism and Empire building. With reverberating lyrics, Kipling writes of the ruthless means that were often employed to add nations to the Empire, and the subsequent effects.
The Kipling ReaderThe Kipling Reader
by Rudyard Kipling - ManyBooks , 1900
Selections from the books of Rudyard Kipling: Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, William the Conqueror, A Matter of Fact, Mowgli's Brothers, The Lost Legion, Namgay Doola, A Germ-Destroyer, Tods' Amendment, The Story of Muhammad Din, The Finances of the Gods, etc.

Captains CourageousCaptains Courageous
by Rudyard Kipling - Project Gutenberg , 2000
Captains Courageous endures as one of literature's most memorable sea adventures. Harvey Cheyne, spoiled millionaire's son, tumbles overboard from a luxury liner. Thus begins the boy's second voyage into the rugged rites and ways of sailors.
Plain Tales from the HillsPlain Tales from the Hills
by Rudyard Kipling - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
Set principally in Shimla, the summer capital of the Raj, Kipling's stories on the manners and mores of British settlers in India are well observed and masterful character studies. The best account of the nature of the Victorian Raj ever written.
The Phantom Rickshaw; and other talesThe Phantom Rickshaw; and other tales
by Rudyard Kipling - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
This book brings together five of Kipling's most-loved short stories. Each deals with events that can't quite be explained away, whether a traditional ghost story, a terrifyingly realistic nightmare or an sumptuous and lavish romance.
by Rudyard Kipling - eBooks@Adelaide , 2008
Rudyard Kipling has been attacked for championing British imperialism and celebrated for satirizing it. Nowhere does he express his own ambivalence more strongly than in Kim, his rousing adventure novel of a young man of many allegiances.
The Second Jungle BookThe Second Jungle Book
by Rudyard Kipling - Macmillan , 1895
In The Second Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling draws on the same elements that delighted so many readers in his original masterpiece - a profound knowledge of India, an understanding of jungle animals, and a remarkable imagination.
Indian TalesIndian Tales
by Rudyard Kipling - Tudor Publishing , 1899
A set of short stories: The Finest Story in the World, Wee Willie Winkie, At Twenty-two, The Story of Muhammad Din, My Own True Ghost Story, By Word of Mouth, The Sending of Dana Da, The Broken-link Handicap, To Be Filed for Reference, etc.
Jungle BookJungle Book
by Rudyard Kipling - HarperCollins , 1910
Mowgli's days are filled with danger and excitement. He learns about the jungle from the wise old bear, Baloo, and the great black panther, Bagheera. He is befriended by the faithful wolf, Gray Brother, and is carried off by the crafty Monkey-People.