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The Troll Garden, and selected storiesThe Troll Garden, and selected stories
by Willa Cather - McClure, Phillips & Co. , 1905
A classic collection of short stories by Willa Cather. Contained here are the following tales: Flavia and Her Artists, The Sculptor's Funeral, A Death in the Desert, The Garden Lodge, The Marriage of Phaedra, A Wagner Matinee, and Paul's Case.

Youth and the Bright MedusaYouth and the Bright Medusa
by Willa Cather - Alfred A. Knopf , 1920
A collection of short stories by Willa Cather, published in 1920. From the table of contents: Coming, Aphrodite!; The diamond mine; A gold slipper; Scandal; Paul's case; A Wagner matinee; The sculptor's funeral; A death in the desert.

Shadows on the RockShadows on the Rock
by Willa Cather - eBooks@Adelaide , 2010
Set in the late seventeenth century, the novel centers on the activities of the widowed apothecary Euclide Auclair and his young daughter, Cecile. To Auclair's house and shop come trappers, missionaries, craftsmen, the indigent ...

Sapphira and the Slave GirlSapphira and the Slave Girl
by Willa Cather - eBooks@Adelaide , 2010
Sapphira and the Slave Girl is set in Virginia just before the Civil War. Sapphira is a slave owner who feels she has come down in the world and channels her resentments into jealousy of her beautiful mulatto slave, Nancy.

The Professor's HouseThe Professor's House
by Willa Cather - eBooks@Adelaide , 2010
A study in emotional dislocation and renewal -- Professor Godfrey St. Peter, a man in his 50's, has achieved what would seem to be remarkable success. When called on to move to a more comfortable home, something in him rebels.

One of OursOne of Ours
by Willa Cather - eBooks@Adelaide , 2010
Drawing on her own family's experience of World War I, Cather observes how an otherwise misdirected young man could find purpose and meaning in war and how his death would affect his family's memories of him. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1922.