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Peter Ruff and The Double FourPeter Ruff and The Double Four
by E. Phillips Oppenheim - Little, Brown & Co. , 1912
A series of short stories about Gentleman Criminal and Master of Disguise Peter Ruff. Ruff devotes himself to embarrassing a police detective who caused him some problems and stole his woman. Light hearted with a bit of romance along with the action.

Mysterious Mr. SabinMysterious Mr. Sabin
by E. Phillips Oppenheim - Ward, Lock & Co. , 1898
When Lord Wolfenden saw a beautiful woman and became acquainted with her by saving the life of her elderly companion, the mysterious Mr. Sabin, as they leave the restaurant, he little knew the web of intrigue into which he was entering ...

The Amazing JudgmentThe Amazing Judgment
by E. Phillips Oppenheim - Downey & Co. , 1897
A white-winged ship sailed out on the sunlit ocean into a dense sheet of drifting mist. The world of sunshine and murmuring waters seemed to have faded into chaos. In a very few moments the decks were wet, and a damp chilliness hung about the air ...

A Maker of HistoryA Maker of History
by E. Phillips Oppenheim - Little, Brown, and Company , 1905
Young Guy Poynton accidentally witnesses a clandestine political meeting in a remote forest on the border of Russia and Germany. Several weeks later he disappears from a night club in Paris. His lovely sister Phyllis arrives the next day...

A Monk of CrutaA Monk of Cruta
by E. Phillips Oppenheim - J. S. Ogilvie Publishing , 1894
The convoluted story involves a wealthy Englishman who falls in love with the daughter of an Italian nobleman who lives on the island of Cruta in the Mediterranean. An involved and curious monastic romance with a secret revealed at the last moment.

The Great ImpersonationThe Great Impersonation
by E. Phillips Oppenheim - Project Gutenberg , 1920
This is the best of the many spy thriller which Oppenheim wrote from the Edwardian era into the 1940s. The plot hinges around two very similar looking gentlemen, one from Britain and the other from Germany -- they happen to be related.

The Moving FingerThe Moving Finger
by E. Phillips Oppenheim - ManyBooks , 1911
A mystifying story dealing with a wealthy M.P.'s experiment with a poor young man. The MP is also a knight and a wealthy landowner. The tale pulsates with life and is truly startling in some of its revelations. (Also published as The Falling Star).

The AvengerThe Avenger
by E. Phillips Oppenheim - ManyBooks , 1908
The author unravels the deepest of mysteries with consummate power. The Avenger is the story of an English curate and his connection with the fair occupant of a near-by yellow house. Every page in this novel suggests a mystery.