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200 Most Frequently Used Spanish Words + 2000 Example Sentences200 Most Frequently Used Spanish Words + 2000 Example Sentences
by Neri Rook - Smashwords , 2016
About 50% of all written text in Spanish consists of the same 100 frequent, short, basic words. This book contains the 200 most frequently used words, with over 2000 example sentences. An ideal starting point for beginners, or intermediate students.

Build Spanish Vocabulary: A Book of RiddlesBuild Spanish Vocabulary: A Book of Riddles
by A.Rosso - Unique Edu Ltd , 2012
As you rattle your brains you will analyze the Spanish words and learn their meanings. Learn Basic to Intermediate level of Spanish vocabulary ranging from nouns and prepositions to verbs and adjectives. So go on and challenge yourself...

Learn Spanish with Mr. Cloud: Beginner's SpanishLearn Spanish with Mr. Cloud: Beginner's Spanish
by A. Rosso - Unique Edu Pte Ltd , 2012
You will learn definite and indefinite articles, pronouns, verbs, present tenses, imperatives, adjectives, prepositions, and punctuation. You will also learn body parts, clothing, shapes, numbers, occupations, time and dates.

Spanish by ChoiceSpanish by Choice
- Wikibooks , 2010
This book is quite different from a normal Spanish course. It is more like a collection of booklets, which accompany audio courses and audio books. It combines audio files with transcripts, vocabulary lists, interactive exercises, images, etc.

- Wikibooks , 2006
This book aims to teach the Spanish language from scratch. It covers the major grammar rules, moving slowly with exercises, examples, vocabulary and phrases. By the end, you should be able to read and write Spanish skilfully.