The Easiest Game Programming Book Ever

The Game Maker's Apprentice: Game Development for Beginners
by Jacob Habgood and Mark Overmars

The Game Maker's Apprentice This book is going to show you an easy way to create nine games using the popular Game Maker creation tool. You will be able to create complete action games, puzzle games, and adventures with professional quality visual and sound effects.

Easy Game Programming The book includes a disc containing Game Maker and freeware graphic, animations, and sound that you can use in your own projects. You don't need to have any programming experience, Game Maker will create games using a simple and easy drag-and-drop interface. This tool includes a powerful programming language (GML) for optional advanced features and fine tuning. You can download Gamemaker Lite - the free version of the software prior to purchasing this book.

Using The Game Makers Apprentice and its easy step by step instructions, I created my first video game the very first day I started to read the book!

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