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Paulo Coelho Mar 6, 2009
Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian theatre director and actor, lyricist and journalist born in the city of Rio de Janeiro. He is one of the most influential authors writing today. The Alchemist has been translated into 67 languages, becoming one of the best-selling books in history. Coelho comments on his new book The Winner Stands Alone.

Create your own Game Feb 16, 2009
Using Game Maker software and this easy game programming book you can make your own games without writing a single line of code. Read The Game Maker's Apprentice to create complete action games and adventures with professional quality visual effects.

The Best Linux Books Jan 28, 2009
See the list of top 10 most popular Linux books, according to readers' reviews and sales ranks. The books for all levels of knowledge are included, from beginner's introductions to Linux, to advanced guides for programmers and system administrators.

Calculus Textbook for Free Download Dec 22, 2008
All three volumes of the well-known introductory calculus textbook by Marsden and Weinstein together with corresponding student's guides are now listed on a single page with direct download links and a short review.

Jim Corbett - the famous Hunter Dec 5, 2008
The famous hunter Jim Corbett killed his first big cat at the age of nine, later became an expert in the pursuit of man-eating tigers and leopards. After retirement, he wrote six books, which are now classics and a literary genre by themselves.

The Portrait of Jane Austen Nov 04, 2008
One of the most popular novels in English literature, Pride and Prejudice, was written almost 200 years ago. You can read the plot summary of the book and watch the trailers and video clips from two major movie versions based on Jane Austen's story.

The Shadow of the Dracula Oct 23, 2008
Here is a review of Bram Stoker's Dracula, a classic horror fiction book with iconic status. Numerous movie versions have been made based on the story. The original text is now in public domain, you can download it for free.