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Book cover: Psoriasis: Assessment and ManagementPsoriasis: Assessment and Management
- National Clinical Guideline Centre ,
Psoriasis is a common, chronic disease, which for many people, is associated with profound functional, psychological and social morbidity and important comorbidities. Effective treatments are available; all require appropriate monitoring.
Book cover: How Tobacco Smoke Causes DiseaseHow Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease
- Office of the Surgeon General ,
This report is a scientific discussion of how mainstream and secondhand smoke exposures damage the human body. Decades of research have enabled scientists to identify the specific mechanisms of smoking-related diseases and to characterize them.
Book cover: OsteoarthritisOsteoarthritis
- Royal College of Physicians ,
This guideline applies to people with a working diagnosis of osteoarthritis who present for treatment or whose activities are significantly affected by their osteoarthritis. The management of neck or back pain are not part of this guideline.

Book cover: Preventable DiseasesPreventable Diseases
by - Houghton ,
Follow nature's hints: treat pain by rest, infections by fresh air and cleanliness, the digestive disturbances by avoiding their cause and helping the food-tube to flush itself clean; keep the skin clean, the muscles hard, the stomach well filled.
Book cover: Insects and DiseasesInsects and Diseases
by - The Quinn & Boden Co. press ,
This little book is an attempt to bring together and place in untechnical form the most important of the facts gathered from sources many of which are at present inaccessible to the general reader, perhaps even to many physicians and entomologists.