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Book cover: The Celestial Omnibus and Other StoriesThe Celestial Omnibus and Other Stories
by - Feedbooks ,
These six stories deal with transformations, the truth of the imagination, and the effect of the unseen on ordinary lives. By juxtaposing the Edwardian English with pagan mythology, Forster created a work of lasting strangeness and great beauty.
Book cover: Where Angels Fear to TreadWhere Angels Fear to Tread
by - Project Gutenberg ,
On a journey to Tuscany, widowed Lilia Herriton falls in love with a handsome Italian much younger than herself, and decides to stay. Furious, her family send Lilia's brother-in-law to Italy to prevent this marriage, but will he arrive in time?
Book cover: Howards EndHowards End
by - Project Gutenberg ,
Margaret meets her intended the morning after accepting his proposal and realizes that he is a man who has lived without true self-knowledge. The novel concerns itself with class and economic status, and how they affect personal relationships.
Book cover: A Room with a ViewA Room with a View
by - Edward Arnold ,
A hilarious satire of the excessive propriety and mannerisms of the English in an age of repression. It is also the fascinating love story of a young woman stuck in this repressive English culture who is transformed by romantic Italy.

Book cover: The Longest JourneyThe Longest Journey
by - Blackwood ,
An introspective novel of manners at once comic and tragic, it tells of a sensitive young man with an intense imagination and a certain amount of literary talent. He sets out full of hope to become a writer, but gives up his aspirations.