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The Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands
by F. Dass

Publisher: South Asia Books 1988
ISBN/ASIN: 8120604083
ISBN-13: 9788120604087
Number of pages: 147

There are not many (easily available) titles on the subject of the Andaman islands and their strange aboriginal inhabitants. Dass' little book (published in 1937) is one of them and, moreover, the one that is easiest to read. He naively and cheerfully lists his facts, adds a few personal observations and then goes on to the next topic. His graphic description of the murder of Lord Mayo, Vice-Roy of India, in 1872 in the Andamans still one of the best available. 65 years after the event he still is very moved and excited by this tragic event event and calls the murderer a "fiendish Pathan". A good read and a reliable if compact package of information. Ideal for a student unwilling to delve too deeply into the subject but in need of some info anyway.

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