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- Wikibooks
MySQL is a free, widely used SQL engine. It can be used as a fast database as well as a rock-solid DBMS using a modular engine architecture. The purpose of this wikibook is to provide a practical knowledge on using the database ...
(submitted on 2014-04-17)

How to Make a Computer Operating System in C++How to Make a Computer Operating System in C++
by Samy Pesse - GitHub
Online book about how to write a computer operating system in C/C++ from scratch. The goal is to build a very simple UNIX-based operating system, not just a 'proof-of-concept'. The OS should be able to boot, start a userland shell, and be extensible.
(submitted on 2014-04-17)

By Reef and PalmBy Reef and Palm
by Louis Becke - J.B. Lippincott company
A Fictional Journey to the Lands of Paradise. This small collection of 'yarns' about life in the Pacific Islands launched Australian author Louis Becke, a former sailor, into whirlwind celebrity with its publication in the late 1890s.
(submitted on 2014-04-17)

Working with HumansWorking with Humans
by Piers Bishop - Bookboon
Almost everything a business does depends on people. Every decision, every customer gained or lost, every employee helped to perform better - involves a human hand at some point. This book will change the way you understand and work with your people.
(submitted on 2014-04-17)

Colorectal Cancer: Surgery, Diagnostics and TreatmentColorectal Cancer: Surgery, Diagnostics and Treatment
by Jim S Khan (ed.) - InTech
An in depth analysis of screening for colorectal cancer, evaluation of diagnostic modalities in staging colorectal cancer, recent advances in adjuvant therapy and principles and trends in the surgical management of colorectal cancer is provided.
(submitted on 2014-04-17)

Dr. Eleanor's Book of Common AntsDr. Eleanor's Book of Common Ants
by Eleanor Spicer Rice - Your Wild Life
Dr. Eleanor is an entomologist with a knack for telling good stories, especially about the secret lives of her favorite insects: the ANTS! In this new guide, Dr. Eleanor delights readers young and old with tales of our tiny insect neighbors.
(submitted on 2014-04-16)

Rising Tide, Ebbing Fortune: Technology and ChangeRising Tide, Ebbing Fortune: Technology and Change
by Dario J. Toncich - Chrystobel Engineering
In this book, we examine the basic threads that form a complex mesh in which business and industry, in the developed world, must function. The basic threads are historical, political and technological but there are numerous other threads.
(submitted on 2014-04-16)

Essential Graduate PhysicsEssential Graduate Physics
by Konstantin K. Likharev - Stony Brook University
The goal was to make students familiar with the basic notions of physics, and the main effort was to organize the material in a logical sequence. Topics: Classical Mechanics, Classical Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics.
(submitted on 2014-04-16)

Leaflet Tips and TricksLeaflet Tips and Tricks
by Malcolm Maclean - Leanpub
This book is written to help those who may be unfamiliar with JavaScript or web page creation get started bringing their map vision to the World. It is put together as a guide to get you started if you are unsure what leaflet.js can do.
(submitted on 2014-04-16)

Tales of Aria: The Legend of Damiano's DiskTales of Aria: The Legend of Damiano's Disk
by Carl Russ, III
Aria is a world riddled with an epidemic. Two years have passed since the day strange monsters emerged from out of no where, paralyzing the otherwise peaceful lives of its citizens. Since then, few people dare to live outside the the cities ...
(submitted on 2014-04-16)

Exploring Discrete DynamicsExploring Discrete Dynamics
by Andrew Wuensche - Luniver Press
''Exploring Discrete Dynamics'' is a comprehensive guide to studying cellular automata and discrete dynamical networks with the classic software Discrete Dynamics Laboratory (DDLab), widely used in research and education ...
(submitted on 2014-04-15)

So You Don't Want to Go to Church AnymoreSo You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore
by Jake Colsen - Windblown Media
Jake Colsen is an overworked and disillusioned pastor. Facing his own disappointment with Christianity, Jake must forsake the habits that have made his faith rote and rediscover the love that captured his heart when he first believed...
(submitted on 2014-04-15)

Evolution of Parallel Cellular Machines: The Cellular Programming ApproachEvolution of Parallel Cellular Machines: The Cellular Programming Approach
by Moshe Sipper - Springer
Employing simple parallel cellular models, coupled with evolutionary computation techniques, this volume explores the issue of constructing man-made systems that exhibit characteristics such as those manifest by their natural counterparts.
(submitted on 2014-04-15)

Introduction to Managing Digital AssetsIntroduction to Managing Digital Assets
by Diane M. Zorich, Eleanor E. Fink - Oxford University Press
This book reviews the traditions of rights administration and content distribution in various creative sectors, identifying the common functions of these organizations, clarifying aspects of the service provider/rightsholder/user relationship.
(submitted on 2014-04-15)

The Great White North: The Story of Polar ExplorationThe Great White North: The Story of Polar Exploration
by Helen S. Wright - The Macmillan co.
The material for this book has been gathered from the rich storehouse of Arctic Literature. I bring to the reader's mind a record of brilliant deeds that go to make the history of the far North, and let the explorers themselves tell the story ...
(submitted on 2014-04-15)

The Digital Scholar: How Technology Is Transforming Scholarly PracticeThe Digital Scholar: How Technology Is Transforming Scholarly Practice
by Martin Weller - Bloomsbury Academic
Every aspect of scholarly practice is seeing changes effected by new technologies. This book will explore these changes, their implications for higher education, the new forms of scholarly practice and what lessons can be drawn from other sectors.
(submitted on 2014-04-14)

Hindu PhilosophyHindu Philosophy
- Wikipedia
India has a rich and diverse philosophical tradition dating back to the composition of the Upanisads in the later Vedic period. According to Radhakrishnan, the oldest of these constitute the earliest philosophical compositions of the world.
(submitted on 2014-04-14)

Simply LiftSimply Lift
by David Pollak -
The Lift Web Framework provides tools to make writing security, interacting, scalable web applications easier than with any other framework. After reading this book, you should understand Lift's core concepts and be able to write Lift applications.
(submitted on 2014-04-14)

Data Communications and Networking for Manufacturing IndustriesData Communications and Networking for Manufacturing Industries
by Dario J. Toncich - Chrystobel Engineering
The book is specifically designed to provide professionals in the field of manufacturing with the knowledge required to understand the fundamentals, applications and more importantly, the problems of industrial computer communications and networking.
(submitted on 2014-04-14)

Inflation and String TheoryInflation and String Theory
by Daniel Baumann, Liam McAllister - arXiv
We review cosmological inflation and its realization in quantum field theory and string theory. We describe two intertwined approaches to the physics of inflation: from the bottom up in effective field theory, and from the top down in string theory.
(submitted on 2014-04-14)