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Lecture Notes in Thermal PhysicsLecture Notes in Thermal Physics
by Anders Malthe-Sorenssen - University of Oslo
Contents: A practical guide to atomic modeling; Probability and Statistics; A quick introduction to thermodynamics; Micro- and Macro-states; The canonical ensemble; Thermodynamics and Heat engines; Chemical potential and Gibbs Distribution; etc.
(submitted on 2014-10-24)

Introductory Business StatisticsIntroductory Business Statistics
by Thomas K. Tiemann - The Global Text Project
The book explores the basic ideas behind statistics, such as populations, samples, the data and information, and most importantly sampling distributions. Using real-world examples, the author hopes to help students understand how statistics works.
(submitted on 2014-10-24)

Gamification in BusinessGamification in Business
by An Coppens - Bookboon
This book covers the benefits and downsides of gamification. The author addresses the need to ensure your gamification design hits the right note with your target audience. The book also includes a number of examples of gamification campaigns.
(submitted on 2014-10-24)

Psychosis and Schizophrenia in Adults: Treatment and ManagementPsychosis and Schizophrenia in Adults: Treatment and Management
- National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health
This guideline has been developed to advise on the treatment and management of psychosis and schizophrenia in adults. The recommendations have been developed by a team of healthcare professionals after consideration of the best available evidence.
(submitted on 2014-10-24)

Banach Spaces of Analytic FunctionsBanach Spaces of Analytic Functions
by enneth Hoffman - Prentice-Hall
A classic of pure mathematics, this advanced text explores the intersection of functional analysis and analytic function theory. Close in spirit to abstract harmonic analysis, it is confined to Banach spaces of analytic functions in the unit disc.
(submitted on 2014-10-24)

The Axioms Of Descriptive GeometryThe Axioms Of Descriptive Geometry
by Alfred North Whitehead - Cambridge University Press
In this book, after the statement of the axioms, the ideas considered are those concerning the association of Projective and Descriptive Geometry by means of ideal points, point to point correspondence, congruence, distance, and metrical geometry.
(submitted on 2014-10-22)

ARTiculating: Teaching Writing in a Visual WorldARTiculating: Teaching Writing in a Visual World
by P.B. Childers, E.H. Hobson, J.A. Mullin (eds) - Heinemann
The book explores the central role that the visual plays in a multimediated, computerized culture. The contributors to this collection and the editors ask how we can exploit the intersections between the visual and the verbal to improve learning.
(submitted on 2014-10-22)

Cotton PhysiologyCotton Physiology
by Jack R. Mauney, James McD. Stewart (eds) - Cotton Foundation
From virtually every aspect, cotton is one of the most interesting higher organisms in the plant kingdom. It is rather unique in that it produces both fiber and food. Compared with most crop plants, cotton adapts quite well to adverse conditions.
(submitted on 2014-10-22)

Volcanism of HawaiiVolcanism of Hawaii
- Wikipedia
Contents: Hawaii hotspot; Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain; Evolution of Hawaiian volcanoes; Hawaiian eruption; List of volcanoes in the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain; Windward isles; Loihi Seamount; Kilauea; Kilauea Iki; Mauna Loa; Hualalai; etc.
(submitted on 2014-10-22)

Quantum Mechanics - Lecture NotesQuantum Mechanics - Lecture Notes
by Eyal Buks - Technion
Contents: Hamilton's Formalism of Classical Physics; State Vectors and Operators; The Position and Momentum Observables; Quantum Dynamics; The Harmonic Oscillator; Angular Momentum; Central Potential; Density Operator; Perturbation Theory; etc.
(submitted on 2014-10-22)

Introduction to Text LinguisticsIntroduction to Text Linguistics
by R.A. de Beaugrande, Wolfgang Dressler - Routledge
From the table of contents: Foreword; Basic notions; The evolution of text linguistics; The procedural approach; Cohesion; Coherence; Intentionality and acceptability; Informativity; Situationality; Intertextuality; Research and schooling; References
(submitted on 2014-10-20)

The People side of Project ManagementThe People side of Project Management
by Jacqui Hogan - Bookboon
The author is looking at why people are so difficult to manage on a project, who those people are and how to manage them better. The book covers in detail how to manage changing requirements and the people issues inherent upon making those changes.
(submitted on 2014-10-20)

Genomics, Cancer Care and AdvocacyGenomics, Cancer Care and Advocacy
by S.F. Terry, K. Zeitz, M.A. Majumder, P.F. Terry - Genetic Alliance
In the past several decades, oncologists and cancer researchers have come to recognize the importance of the role of advocacy organizations in cancer research and treatment. This report provides the proactive plan for advocacy involvement ...
(submitted on 2014-10-20)

The Axiomatic MethodThe Axiomatic Method
by L. Henkin, P. Suppes, A. Tarski - North Holland Publishing Company
The volume naturally divides into three parts. Part I consists of 14 papers on the foundations of geometry, Part II of 14 papers on the foundations of physics, and Part III of five papers on general problems and applications of the axiomatic method.
(submitted on 2014-10-20)

Architecture and DemocracyArchitecture and Democracy
by Claude Fayette Bragdon - A. A. Knopf
This book was written in the scant intervals afforded by the practice of the profession of architecture, so broadened as to include the study of abstract form, the creation of ornament, experiments with color and light, and educational activities.
(submitted on 2014-10-20)

British Sea BirdsBritish Sea Birds
by Charles Dixon - Bliss, Sands and Foster
Amongst the many natural objects that confront the visitor to the sea, there are none more readily detected than birds. The wide waters of the ocean and its varied coast-line of cliff or sand, are the haunts of many birds of specialised type.
(submitted on 2014-10-17)

U.S. Severe Weather TerminologyU.S. Severe Weather Terminology
- Wikipedia
This book describes severe weather terminology used by the National Weather Service in the United States. The NWS defines meanings for nearly all of its weather terms. The book describes NWS terminology and related weather scales used by the agency.
(submitted on 2014-10-17)

Computational Physics: Problem Solving with ComputersComputational Physics: Problem Solving with Computers
by Rubin H Landau, Manuel J Paez, Cristian Bordeianu - Wiley-VCH
This text surveys many of the topics of modern computational physics from a computational science point of view. Its emphasis on learning by doing (assisted by many model programs), as with 2nd Edition, but with new materials as well as with Python.
(submitted on 2014-10-17)

Introducing MarketingIntroducing Marketing
by John Burnett - The Global Text Project
This text introduces students to the marketing strategies and tools that practitioners use to market their products. The author of this book defines and explains the various marketing areas and their comparative strengths and weaknesses.
(submitted on 2014-10-17)

Semantic Web And OntologySemantic Web And Ontology
by Dhana Nandini - Bookboon
This book is intended for engineering students who are interested in exploring the technology of Semantic web. The book simplifies the tough concepts associated with Semantic web and can be considered as the base of the knowledge about Web 3.0.
(submitted on 2014-10-17)