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Blood, Faith, and SteelBlood, Faith, and Steel
by Mike Dukk - Smashwords
As a questing cleric, Brady Theirot takes it upon himself to help right the wrongs of the world around him. For him and his adventuring companions, nothing ever seems to go as planned. Yet, Brady and his companions do not shy from the epic quest ...
(submitted on 2014-09-01)

Pesticides in the Diets of Infants and ChildrenPesticides in the Diets of Infants and Children
- National Academies Press
Many of the pesticides applied to food crops are present in foods and pose risks to human health. This book explores whether the present regulatory approaches adequately protect infants and children, who may differ from adults in susceptibility ...
(submitted on 2014-09-01)

Ordinary Differential Equations: A Systems ApproachOrdinary Differential Equations: A Systems Approach
by Bruce P. Conrad
This is a revision of a text that was on the market for a while. It focuses on systems of differential equations. Some popular topics, which were present in the original text, have been left out to concentrate on the initial value problem.
(submitted on 2014-09-01)

Understanding the ConstitutionUnderstanding the Constitution
by Dennis AuBuchon - AuBuchon Books, Articles and Services
This book provides information about each article and amendment to the Constitution in a way that the reader understands the requirements in relation to issues of the day. Examples of decisions are provided in relation to the article being discussed.
(submitted on 2014-09-01)

Greenlanders, Whales, and Whaling: Sustainability and Self-Determination in the ArcticGreenlanders, Whales, and Whaling: Sustainability and Self-Determination in the Arctic
by Richard A. Caulfield - University Press of New England
Whaling has been central to the life of Greenland's Inuit people for at least 4000 years, but economic changes have altered this ancient practice. The author reveals these impacts by looking at whaling's place in the contemporary Greenlandic economy.
(submitted on 2014-09-01)

The Turkish Empire: Its Growth and DecayThe Turkish Empire: Its Growth and Decay
by Lord Eversley - T. Fisher Unwin
This volume tells, in a compact and popular form, the story of the growth and decay of the Turkish Empire. The author explains the process by which the Empire was aggregated by its first Sultans, and has since been dismembered under their successors.
(submitted on 2014-08-11)

In VainIn Vain
by Henryk Sienkiewicz - Little, Brown. & Co.
This volume contains pictures of student life drawn by a student who saw the life which he describes in the following pages. This student was a person of exceptional power and exceptional qualities, hence the value of that which he gives us.
(submitted on 2014-08-11)

Arctic Economics in the 21st CenturyArctic Economics in the 21st Century
by Heather A. Conley - CSIS/Rowman & Littlefield
The book explores the key economic dynamics at play in the rapidly changing Arctic region. This report evaluates both the economic benefits of an increasingly open Arctic region and the costs of exploring the riches of the American Arctic.
(submitted on 2014-08-11)

Overview of the United States Marine CorpsOverview of the United States Marine Corps
- Wikipedia
The United States Marine Corps is a branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for providing power projection from the sea, using the mobility of the U.S. Navy to deliver combined-arms task forces for air, land and sea-based operations.
(submitted on 2014-08-11)

Introduction to Stochastic ProcessesIntroduction to Stochastic Processes
by Gordan Žitković - The University of Texas at Austin
Contents: Probability review; Mathematica in 15 minutes; Stochastic Processes; Simple random walk; Generating functions; Random walks - advanced methods; Branching processes; Markov Chains; The 'Stochastics' package; Classification of States; etc.
(submitted on 2014-08-11)

Business Processes and Information TechnologyBusiness Processes and Information Technology
by Ulric Gelinas, Steve Sutton, Jane Fedorowicz - Global Text Project
This book takes a business process focus towards understanding operations, information systems, and management decision making in contemporary organizations. A wide range of information technologies in business processes are integrated throughout.
(submitted on 2014-08-08)

Introduction to Inorganic ChemistryIntroduction to Inorganic Chemistry
- Wikibooks
This textbook is intended for a first semester course in inorganic chemistry, covering the basic concepts in structure, bonding, and properties that underlie the field. The objective is to understand valence bond theory, crystal field theory, etc.
(submitted on 2014-08-08)

Full Stack ClojureFull Stack Clojure
by Matt Makai -
Clojure is a functional, dynamically typed language with a syntax influenced by LISP. Clojure programs run on the Java Virtual Machine. This guide branches out on topic to lead you to the appropriate topics based on what you're trying to accomplish.
(submitted on 2014-08-08)

Functional Analysis with ApplicationsFunctional Analysis with Applications
by Palle Jorgensen, Feng Tian - arXiv
This book at the beginning graduate level will help students with primary interests elsewhere to acquire a facility with tools of a functional analytic flavor, say in harmonic analysis, numerical analysis, stochastic processes, or in physics.
(submitted on 2014-08-08)

Mad BoysMad Boys
by Ernest Hebert - University Press of New England
A darkly comic novel of a boy's picaresque adventure through a surreal American landscape. Hebert offers a satiric road story of a 13-year-old's journey through an America where image has replaced substance, and appearance has become reality.
(submitted on 2014-08-08)

Microscopic Theory of SuperconductivityMicroscopic Theory of Superconductivity
by Helmut Eschrig - University of Technology Dresden
Table of contents: The Solid as a Quantum Many-Body System; Green's Functions; Green's Functions in the Superconducting State; Split-off of High Energy Parts; The Low Energy Equations; Strong Coupling Theory of the Transition Temperature; etc.
(submitted on 2014-08-06)

The WRTI Book of Practical InventingThe WRTI Book of Practical Inventing
by Alan Finn - Bookboon
This book is intended to be a guide to all those inventors, actual or would-be, those who have yet to take their first real steps toward making their new product dreams come true. WRTI is an inventors club based at Southampton Solent University.
(submitted on 2014-08-06)

The Successful Treasure Hunter's Essential GuideThe Successful Treasure Hunter's Essential Guide
by David Villanueva - Smashwords
With over 40 years experience, Villanueva tackles the major problems metal detectorists face. Obtaining search permission; research and finding sites; laws and code of practice; choosing a metal detector and overcoming detector limitations; etc.
(submitted on 2014-08-06)

The Informed Brain in a Digital WorldThe Informed Brain in a Digital World
- National Academies Press
There has always been access to more information than humans can handle, but the difference now lies in the ubiquity of the Internet, and the incredible speed with which anyone with a computer participates in seemingly infinite information exchange.
(submitted on 2014-08-06)

The Algebra of InvariantsThe Algebra of Invariants
by J.H. Grace, A. Young - Cambridge, University Press
Invariant theory is a subject within abstract algebra that studies polynomial functions which do not change under transformations from a linear group. This book provides an English introduction to the symbolical method in the theory of Invariants.
(submitted on 2014-08-06)