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Functions Of A Complex Variable with ApplicationsFunctions Of A Complex Variable with Applications
by E. G. Phillips - Oliver And Boyd
This book is concerned essentially with the application of the methods of the differential and integral calculus to complex numbers. Limitations of space made it necessary for me to confine myself to the more essential aspects of the theory ...
(submitted on 2016-09-26)

Optimization Algorithms: Methods and ApplicationsOptimization Algorithms: Methods and Applications
by Ozgur Baskan (ed.) - InTech
This book covers state-of-the-art optimization methods and their applications in wide range especially for researchers and practitioners who wish to improve their knowledge in this field. It covers applications in engineering and various other areas.
(submitted on 2016-09-26)

Real Time Research: Improvisational Game ScholarshipReal Time Research: Improvisational Game Scholarship
by Seann Dikkers et al. - ETC Press
Real-Time Research is all about reconnecting with the thrill of discovery that initially led us into the age of science. This zooms in on what is fun about science and excites the desire to quickly test more and more ideas, questions, and projects.
(submitted on 2016-09-26)

Diseases of Forest and Shade Trees of the United StatesDiseases of Forest and Shade Trees of the United States
by George H. Hepting - U.S. Dept Agriculture
The purpose of this book is to bring together the information available on the pathology of the more important forest and shade trees of the United States. It also annotates the diseases of many introduced species grown widely for shade and ornament.
(submitted on 2016-09-26)

DNA polymerases in BiotechnologyDNA polymerases in Biotechnology
by Zvi Kelman, Andrew F. Gardner (eds) - Frontiers Media SA
DNA polymerases are core tools for molecular biology including PCR, whole genome amplification, DNA sequencing and genotyping. Research has focused on discovery of novel DNA polymerases and characterization of DNA polymerase biochemistry.
(submitted on 2016-09-26)

Pediatric Integrative Medicine: An Emerging Field of PediatricsPediatric Integrative Medicine: An Emerging Field of Pediatrics
by Hilary McClafferty (ed.) - MDPI AG
Increase in the prevalence of disease and illness has dramatically altered the landscape of pediatrics. Patient demand and shifting pediatric illness patterns have accelerated research in the field of pediatric integrative medicine.
(submitted on 2016-09-23)

Productivity for Creative PeopleProductivity for Creative People
by Mark McGuinness - Smashwords
If you're excited by the opportunities of the creative age, but worried about the effect of all those interruptions and digital distractions on your creative work, 'Productivity for Creative People' has been written for you.
(submitted on 2016-09-23)

Calculus and Linear Algebra. Vol. 2Calculus and Linear Algebra. Vol. 2
by Wilfred Kaplan, Donald J. Lewis - University of Michigan Library
In the second volume of Calculus and Linear Algebra, the concept of linear algebra is further developed and applied to geometry, many-variable calculus, and differential equations. This volume introduces many novel ideas and proofs.
(submitted on 2016-09-23)

Applications from Engineering with MATLAB ConceptsApplications from Engineering with MATLAB Concepts
by Jan Valdman (ed.) - InTech
Topics covered are image and signal processing, mechanics and dynamics, models and data identification in biology, fuzzy logic, discrete event systems, data acquisition systems. Authors are typically scientists with interests in modeling in MATLAB.
(submitted on 2016-09-23)

Informative Psychometric FiltersInformative Psychometric Filters
by Robert Gregson - ANU Press
This book is a series of case studies with a common theme. A core idea is that both the human organism and the data analysis procedures used are filters, that may variously preserve, transform, distort or even destroy information of significance.
(submitted on 2016-09-23)

Calculus and Linear Algebra. Vol. 1Calculus and Linear Algebra. Vol. 1
by Wilfred Kaplan, Donald J. Lewis - University of Michigan Library
The first volume covers vectors in the plane and one-variable calculus. The two volumes provide material for a freshman-sophomore course in calculus in which linear algebra is gradually introduced and blended with the calculus.
(submitted on 2016-09-21)

Common Cents, Common DreamsCommon Cents, Common Dreams
by Peter J. Ferrara, Michael D. Tanner - Cato Institute
A plain-language guide to the problems of Social Security and an alternative based on savings and investment. The authors show how a privatized Social Security system would work and why it would provide a better retirement for future generations.
(submitted on 2016-09-21)

Art and Contemporary Critical Practice: Reinventing Institutional CritiqueArt and Contemporary Critical Practice: Reinventing Institutional Critique
by Gerald Raunig, Gene Ray - MayFlyBooks
The essays in this volume develop the models of institutional critique in ways that go well beyond the field of art. The contributors to this volume analyze the past and present of institutional critique and propose lines of future development.
(submitted on 2016-09-21)

The UnclassedThe Unclassed
by George Gissing - Chapman & Hall
The story of a young, educated man, Osmond Waymark, who survives by teaching. He answers a magazine advertisement, placed by a half-Italian who had felt himself to be rejected by society -- for companionship and the two strike up a friendship.
(submitted on 2016-09-21)

Energy Efficiency Solutions for Historic BuildingsEnergy Efficiency Solutions for Historic Buildings
by Alexandra Troi, Zeno Bastian - Birkhäuser
This handbook holistically summarises the principles for the energy retrofitting of historic buildings, from the first diagnosis to the adequately designed intervention: preservation of the historic structure, user comfort, and energy efficiency.
(submitted on 2016-09-21)

Combinatorial TheoryCombinatorial Theory
by Gian-Carlo Rota
In 1998, Gian-Carlo Rota gave his famous course at MIT. John N. Guidi took notes in a verbatim manner conveying the substance of the course. Topics covered included sets, relations, enumeration, order, matching, matroids, and geometric probability.
(submitted on 2016-09-19)

How to Start a Business from NothingHow to Start a Business from Nothing
by Zane Rozzi - Smashwords
You know you're destined for more than working for someone else. You're too creative to be constrained by the rules of other companies. You know you're meant to be an entrepreneur. This book will help you start your business with limited savings.
(submitted on 2016-09-19)

Effective Chemistry Communication in Informal EnvironmentsEffective Chemistry Communication in Informal Environments
- National Academies Press
Chemistry plays a critical role in daily life, impacting areas such as consumer products, energy production, etc. Communicating about chemistry in informal environments has the potential to raise public interest and understanding of chemistry.
(submitted on 2016-09-19)

Funadamentals Of Physical ScienceFunadamentals Of Physical Science
by Konrad Bates Krauskopf - McGraw-Hill
This is a book for college students who wish a general knowledge of the physical sciences rather than detailed knowledge in any one science. It should likewise fill the need of the general reader, who seeks information about the methods of science.
(submitted on 2016-09-19)

Tumor MetastasisTumor Metastasis
by Ke Xu (ed.) - InTech
Metastasis is the major cause of cancer-related death. The mechanism underlying metastasis is complicated and poorly understood. Recent advances in tumor metastasis research have led to improved diagnosis and clinical management of cancer.
(submitted on 2016-09-19)