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Spectral Line Shapes in PlasmasSpectral Line Shapes in Plasmas
by Evgeny Stambulchik (ed.) - MDPI AG
Line-shape analysis is one of the most important tools for diagnostics of both laboratory and space plasmas. Its implementation requires accurate calculations, which imply the use of analytic methods and computer codes of varying complexity.
(submitted on 2016-07-29)

Electromechanisms: TransducersElectromechanisms: Transducers
by Richard L. Allen, Bob R. Hunter - Delmar Publishers
This book is intended to provide meaningful experience in basic transducers for students of modern technology. The topics included: basic principles of measurement as well as pressure, temperature, level, rate, photoelectric, and sound transducers.
(submitted on 2016-07-29)

History of Concepts: Comparative PerspectivesHistory of Concepts: Comparative Perspectives
by Iain Hampsher-Monk (ed.) - Amsterdam University Press
Contributions by distinguished practitioners of conceptual history from Europe and America illustrate both the distinctiveness and diversity of the genre. The book is devoted to the origins and identity of the field, as well as methodological issues.
(submitted on 2016-07-29)

Programming Abstractions in C++Programming Abstractions in C++
by Eric S. Roberts - Stanford University
Eric Roberts' 'Programming Abstractions in C++' gives students opportunities to practice and learn with engaging graphical assignments. A client-first approach to data structures helps students absorb, and then apply the material.
(submitted on 2016-07-29)

Teaching Autoethnography: Personal Writing in the ClassroomTeaching Autoethnography: Personal Writing in the Classroom
by Melissa Tombro - Open SUNY Textbooks
The book is dedicated to the practice of immersive ethnographic and autoethnographic writing that encourages authors to participate in the communities about which they write. This book draws on theories and sensibilities from creative writing ...
(submitted on 2016-07-29)

Fundamentals of Machine ToolsFundamentals of Machine Tools
- U. S. Government Printing Office
The purpose of this training circular is to provide a better understanding of power-driven machine tools. One of the objectives is for this publication is to be clear and understandable. Illustrations show the step-by-step process of many operations.
(submitted on 2016-07-27)

Our Friend the CharlatanOur Friend the Charlatan
by George Gissing - Chapman and Hall
A charming social satire about Dyce Lashmar, a young Oxford educated man with no discernible talents, but an unwavering confidence in his own abilities. This book is a rarity even to Gissing's admirers. The book was written late in the author's life.
(submitted on 2016-07-27)

Consciousness and SubjectivityConsciousness and Subjectivity
by Sofia Miguens, Gerhard Preyer - De Gruyter Open Ltd
Issues of subjectivity and consciousness are dealt with in very different ways. This book brings together philosophers working on the continent with English-speaking philosophers to address specific issues regarding subjectivity and consciousness.
(submitted on 2016-07-27)

Interface-Induced Phenomena in MagnetismInterface-Induced Phenomena in Magnetism
by Frances Hellman, et al. - arXiv
This book reviews static and dynamic interfacial effects in magnetism, focusing on interfacially-driven magnetic effects and phenomena associated with spin-orbit coupling and intrinsic symmetry breaking at interfaces. It focuses on recent progress...
(submitted on 2016-07-27)

Exterior Differential SystemsExterior Differential Systems
by Robert L. Bryant, et al. - MSRI
An exterior differential system is a system of equations on a manifold defined by equating to zero a number of exterior differential forms. This book gives a treatment of exterior differential systems. It includes both the theory and applications.
(submitted on 2016-07-27)

Vitamin C and Human HealthVitamin C and Human Health
by Anitra C. Carr, Margreet C. M. Vissers - MDPI AG
Ascorbic acid is a simple molecule, synthesised by most plants and animals, with the exception of humans. For humans, it is thus a vitamin C that must be obtained from the diet, with complete deficiency resulting in the fatal disease scurvy.
(submitted on 2016-07-25)

The Renaissance of Science: The Story of the Atom and ChemistryThe Renaissance of Science: The Story of the Atom and Chemistry
by Albert Martini - Project Gutenberg
The 2000 year history of the atom and chemistry, from the Classic Greek Era to the present, described in 800 pages. This history discusses the lives of about 180 chemists and physicists, representing the most important scientific accomplishments.
(submitted on 2016-07-25)

Electromechanisms: DevicesElectromechanisms: Devices
by L. Paul Robertson, Bob R. Hunter, Richard L. Allan - Delmar Publishers
The book presents motors, generators, relays, solenoids and other selected topics in a simple and direct manner. The materials are presented in an action-oriented format combining the features found in a textbook with those of a laboratory manual.
(submitted on 2016-07-25)

Radiation Effects in MaterialsRadiation Effects in Materials
by Waldemar A. Monteiro (ed.) - InTech
The types of radiation that can alter structural materials consist of neutrons, ions, electrons, gamma rays or other electromagnetic waves. The book contains four sections: Ionic Materials; Biomaterials; Polymeric Materials and Metallic Materials.
(submitted on 2016-07-25)

Microsoft Azure Essentials: Migrating SQL Server Databases to AzureMicrosoft Azure Essentials: Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure
by Carl Rabeler - Microsoft Press
Part of the 'Microsoft Azure Essentials' series, the book helps SQL Server users understand Microsoft's offering for SQL Server in Azure. Learn how SQL Server in Azure is similar to SQL Server in an on-premises environment and how they are different.
(submitted on 2016-07-25)

Learning, Education and Games. Volume One: Curricular and Design ConsiderationsLearning, Education and Games. Volume One: Curricular and Design Considerations
by Karen Schrier, et al. - ETC Press
This book is perfect for any educator or designer seeking an introduction to research-driven best practices for using and designing learning games. It provides the latest research and techniques for designing games for a variety of curricular needs.
(submitted on 2016-07-22)

Discrete Math for Computer Science StudentsDiscrete Math for Computer Science Students
by Ken Bogart, Cliff Stein - Dartmouth College
It gives thorough coverage to topics that have great importance to computer scientists and provides a motivating computer science example for each math topic. Contents: Counting; Cryptography and Number Theory; Reflections on Logic and Proof.
(submitted on 2016-07-22)

A Short History of ChristianityA Short History of Christianity
by J. M. Robertson - Watts & Co.
Robertson was an advocate of the Jesus-Myth theory, and he argued against the historicity of Jesus. According to Robertson, the character of Jesus in the New Testament developed from a Jewish cult of Joshua, whom he identifies as a solar deity.
(submitted on 2016-07-22)

Machinery RepairmanMachinery Repairman
by Wayne T. Drew - Naval Education and Training Program
This Training Manual and Nonresident Training Course form a package to teach the theoretical knowledge needed by a Machinery Repairman. This package may be combined with on-the-job training to provide the necessary elements of practical experience.
(submitted on 2016-07-22)

Digital Writing Assessment and EvaluationDigital Writing Assessment and Evaluation
by Heidi A. McKee, Danielle Nicole DeVoss - Utah State University Press
The authors of this volume place emphasis on assessment of digital writing -- the methodological, technological, and ethical approaches for and issues involved with assessing multimodal, networked texts (and the student learning they represent).
(submitted on 2016-07-22)