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Business Mathematics: A TextbookBusiness Mathematics: A Textbook
by Edward I. Edgerton, Wallace E. Bartholomew - The Ronald Press Co.
The course in this book is much more advanced than the usual course in commercial arithmetic. The attempt has been made to construct a practical course which will contain all the essential mathematical knowledge required in a business career.
(submitted on 2014-12-19)

Health Effects of ElectromagnetismHealth Effects of Electromagnetism
by Paul Heroux - McGill University
From the table of contents: Electric Power Systems - Description of Electric Power Networks; Electrical Safety; Electromagnetism and Biology; Health Effects of Extra-Low Frequency Radiation; Health Effects of Radio-Frequencies and Microwaves.
(submitted on 2014-12-19)

Ry's Git TutorialRy's Git Tutorial
by Ryan Hodson - Smashwords
This is an introduction to distributed version control with a focus on command line usage. We explain Git's robust branching, merging, and collaboration capabilities from the ground up, so prior experience with centralized systems is not required.
(submitted on 2014-12-19)

Geology: The Science of the Earth's CrustGeology: The Science of the Earth's Crust
by William J. Miller - P. F. Collier & Son Company
In the preparation of this book the author presents, in popular form, the salient points of a general survey of the whole great science of geology, the science which deals with the history of the earth and its inhabitants as revealed in the rocks.
(submitted on 2014-12-19)

Barry Blake of the Flying FortressBarry Blake of the Flying Fortress
by Gaylord Du Bois - Whitman Publishing Company
His pulses pounding with excitement, Barry Blake gazed across the long runways of Boeing Field at his fighting ship. The great Flying Fortress seemed to perch lightly on the ground, despite her twenty-odd tons. Her propellers were turning slowly ...
(submitted on 2014-12-19)

Understanding the Global Energy CrisisUnderstanding the Global Energy Crisis
by Eugene D. Coyle, Richard A. Simmons - Purdue University Press
Central issues in global energy are discussed through the dialogue between experts with overview from historical, political, and socio-cultural perspectives, outlining the technology and policy issues facing the development of major energy sources.
(submitted on 2014-12-17)

Seeing Ourselves Through TechnologySeeing Ourselves Through Technology
by Jill Walker Rettberg - Palgrave Pivot
Selfies, blogs and lifelogging devices have become important ways in which we understand ourselves. Jill Walker Rettberg analyses these and related genres as three intertwined modes of self-representation: visual, written and quantitative.
(submitted on 2014-12-17)

Dance: A Very Social HistoryDance: A Very Social History
by Carol McD. Wallace, et al. - The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The authors of this book take readers into the world of dance and performing. The book surveys the history of dance, examines the development of ball gowns and other dancing costumes, and discusses the depiction of dance in art.
(submitted on 2014-12-17)

Using C on the UNIX SystemUsing C on the UNIX System
by David A. Curry - O'Reilly
'Using C on the UNIX System' provides a thorough introduction to the UNIX system call libraries. This book is aimed at programmers who already know C, but who want to take full advantage of the UNIX programming environment.
(submitted on 2014-12-17)

Software InnovationSoftware Innovation
by Jeremy Rose - Aalborg University
This book sets out the new field of software innovation. It organizes the existing scientific research into eight simple heuristics -- guiding principles for organizing a system developer's work-life so that it focuses on innovation.
(submitted on 2014-12-17)

Ry's Objective-C TutorialRy's Objective-C Tutorial
by Ryan Hodson - Smashwords
This book is both a concise quick-reference and a comprehensive introduction for newcomers to the Objective-C programming language. It walks through each language feature step-by-step, explaining complex programming concepts via hands-on examples.
(submitted on 2014-12-15)

Clock and Data RecoveryClock and Data Recovery
- Wikibooks
This book provides the electronic engineer with the knowledge of: what the CDR function and structure are; where a CDR is used in a communication network; the mathematical models (just three!) needed to understand the CDR operation.
(submitted on 2014-12-15)

The Beetle: A MysteryThe Beetle: A Mystery
by Richard Marsh - Skeffington
'The Beetle' is a masterpiece of horror and occult fiction, originally published in 1897, the same year as Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'. Marsh's novel involves an Eastern invader with supernatural powers coming to England to attack a beautiful woman ...
(submitted on 2014-12-15)

Understanding Accounting PrinciplesUnderstanding Accounting Principles
by Paul Newton - Bookboon
This free e-book explains all of the basic accounting concepts and terminology you will need to understand the three primary financial statements that appear in every organization's annual report and most internal monthly reports.
(submitted on 2014-12-15)

Frobenius Splitting in Commutative AlgebraFrobenius Splitting in Commutative Algebra
by Karen E. Smith, Wenliang Zhang - arXiv
Frobenius splitting has inspired a vast arsenal of techniques in commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, and representation theory. The purpose of these lectures is to give a gentle introduction to Frobenius splitting for beginners.
(submitted on 2014-12-15)

The Frugal Guide: Dublin 2015The Frugal Guide: Dublin 2015
by Cory Hanson - Smashwords
This book highlights free and less-expensive things to do in Dublin for the traveler on a budget. Step-by-step walking tours, maps, reviews of free and paid attractions, historical and humorous local stories, general travel advice are included.
(submitted on 2014-12-12)

Antiretroviral Resistance in Clinical PracticeAntiretroviral Resistance in Clinical Practice
by Anna Maria Geretti (ed.) - Mediscript
This book gives the reader insights into the more mechanistic aspects of resistance and the analyses behind the interpretation of resistance. The book provides a guide to those aspects of resistance that have the greatest impact on clinical care.
(submitted on 2014-12-12)

Contemporary Issues in Wireless CommunicationsContemporary Issues in Wireless Communications
by Mutamed Khatib (ed.) - InTech
Wireless communications have a strong impact on improving the quality of life in this century. Smart phones industry is now considered one of the most attractive fields, so advanced research is conducted in order to improve the quality of service.
(submitted on 2014-12-12)

Microsoft System Center: Extending Operations Manager ReportingMicrosoft System Center: Extending Operations Manager Reporting
by George Wallace, et al. - Microsoft Press
How to extend the reporting capabilities within System Center Operations Manager. By using this information, Operations Manager administrations will have a more comprehensive approach to providing custom reports tailored to their environments.
(submitted on 2014-12-12)

PHP 101: PHP For the Absolute BeginnerPHP 101: PHP For the Absolute Beginner
by Vikram Vaswani - Zend Developer Zone
This book caters for the absolute beginners to the intermediate and advanced PHP developers. It takes you through from what is a variable to a nice snippet the author found on backing up a databases or their individual individual tables.
(submitted on 2014-12-12)