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Optical InterferometryOptical Interferometry
by Alexander Banishev, Mithun Bhowmick, Jue Wang - InTech
This book covers various aspects of optical interferometry including descriptions of novel apparatuses and methods, application interferometry for studying biological objects, surface qualities, materials characterization, and optical testing.
(submitted on 2017-02-20)

How to Do Animal Rights: ...legally with confidenceHow to Do Animal Rights: ...legally with confidence
by Ben Isacat -
Do animal rights as a practical and legal activity. Topics include: major problems that humanity is causing animal life; moral philosophy underlying animal rights; major methods of campaigning, practical activities for promoting animal rights; etc.
(submitted on 2017-02-20)

Operating System: From 0 to 1Operating System: From 0 to 1
by Tu, Do Hoang - Github
This book helps you gain the foundational knowledge required to write an operating system from scratch. The book teaches you core concepts, such as x86 Assembly, ELF, linking and debugging on bare metal, etc., and where such information come from.
(submitted on 2017-02-20)

Lagrangian Solid ModelingLagrangian Solid Modeling
by Matthew Marko - viXra
The author demonstrates a stable Lagrangian solid modeling method, tracking the interactions of solid mass particles, rather than using a meshed grid. This method avoids the problem of tensile instability seen with Smooth Particle Applied Mechanics.
(submitted on 2017-02-20)

Neural Grafting: Repairing the Brain and Spinal CordNeural Grafting: Repairing the Brain and Spinal Cord
- US Congress Office of Technology Assessment
This book discusses the field of neural grafting into the brain and spinal cord to treat neurological disorders. It describes the technology of neural grafting, the neurological conditions that it may be used to treat, and the affected populations.
(submitted on 2017-02-20)

Plastic Surgery Essentials for StudentsPlastic Surgery Essentials for Students
- American Society of Plastic Surgeons
The plastic surgery field is broad and varied and this book covers the many areas of involvement and training of today's plastic surgeons. It is not designed to be a comprehensive text, but rather an outline that can be read in the limited time.
(submitted on 2017-02-08)

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Nuclear RisksEarthquakes, Tsunamis and Nuclear Risks
by Katsuhiro Kamae (ed.) - Springer
This book covers seismic probabilistic risk assessment and related studies which have become more important to increase the safety of nuclear facilities against earthquakes and tsunamis in the face of many uncertainties after the Fukushima accident.
(submitted on 2017-02-08)

Project Management Skills for All CareersProject Management Skills for All Careers
by Shuly Cooper, et al.
This book offers a framework for managing projects in any career area. The concepts can be applied no matter where you work. The mission of this textbook is to provide students with project management skills they can apply in any chosen profession.
(submitted on 2017-02-08)

Cyberbullying: Where Are We Now?Cyberbullying: Where Are We Now?
by Conor Mc Guckin, Lucie Corcoran - MDPI AG
Cyberbullying has emerged as a major issue across societies and for schools, parents, and children. Despite some similarities with traditional bullying, there is sufficient difference to warrant this contemporary examination of cyberbullying.
(submitted on 2017-02-08)

Manifest Madness: Mental Incapacity in the Criminal LawManifest Madness: Mental Incapacity in the Criminal Law
by Arlie Loughnan - Oxford University Press
Understanding the terrain of mental incapacity in criminal law is notoriously difficult; it involves tracing overlapping and interlocking legal doctrines, current and past practices. This book provides a close study of mental incapacity defences.
(submitted on 2017-02-08)

America Entangled: The Persian Gulf Crisis and Its ConsequencesAmerica Entangled: The Persian Gulf Crisis and Its Consequences
by Ted Galen Carpenter (ed.) - Cato Institute
Despite the US' quick military victory, many disturbing questions remain about our involvement in the Persian Gulf region. The contributors to this book believe there must be a full national debate on the rationale for America's new world order.
(submitted on 2017-02-06)

Nature of Geographic InformationNature of Geographic Information
by David DiBiase - BCcampus
The purpose of this text is to promote understanding of the Geographic Information Science and Technology enterprise. Nature of Geographic Information is an open geospatial textbook used at Pennsylvania State University and written by David DiBiase.
(submitted on 2017-02-06)

The Flying InnThe Flying Inn
by G. K. Chesterton - John Lane Co.
The Flying Inn is set in a future England where the Temperance movement has allowed a bizarre form of 'Progressive' Islam to dominate the political and social life of the country. Because of this, alcohol sales are effectively prohibited.
(submitted on 2017-02-06)

Histamine H4 ReceptorHistamine H4 Receptor
by Holger Stark - De Gruyter Open Ltd
The histamine H4 receptor is the most recently detected histamine receptor subtype. The molecular signaling mechanism and localization of the receptor will be described together with its influence on physiological and pathophysiological properties.
(submitted on 2017-02-06)

An Elementary Introduction to Loop Quantum GravityAn Elementary Introduction to Loop Quantum Gravity
by Norbert Bodendorfer - arXiv
An introduction to loop quantum gravity is given, focussing on the fundamental aspects of the theory, different approaches to the dynamics, as well as possible future directions. It is structured in five lectures, including exercises.
(submitted on 2017-02-06)

An Exhibit of MadnessAn Exhibit of Madness
by Kerry J Charles - Smashwords
As chief curator of the Maine Museum of Art, Dulcie has just opened a new exhibit of Winslow Homer watercolors. It will be complete when the final work is bought. But when Dulcie discovers a body rather than the painting, she's a prime suspect ...
(submitted on 2017-02-01)

Treatise of Implant DentistryTreatise of Implant Dentistry
by Ugo Pasqualini, Marco E Pasqualini - Carimate
This book has been written to do justice to all those who contributed to the evolution of implant dentistry, from its origins to the present day. We will provide useful information, also offering opinions, reservations and recommendations.
(submitted on 2017-02-01)

The Integrals of MechanicsThe Integrals of Mechanics
by Oliver Clarence Lester - Ginn and company
The matter presented is intended to form the introduction to a work on Theoretical Mechanics. The book is intended as a drill book, and the unusual elaboration of the topics, should enable the student to overcome most of his difficulties himself.
(submitted on 2017-02-01)

X-ray ScatteringX-ray Scattering
by Alicia Esther Ares (ed.) - InTech
This book is intended to give overviews of the relevant X-ray scattering techniques, particularly about inelastic X-ray scattering, elastic scattering, grazing-incidence small-angle X-ray scattering, small-angle X-ray scattering, and more.
(submitted on 2017-02-01)

Social Theory of FearSocial Theory of Fear
by Geoffrey R. Skoll - Palgrave Macmillan
In the current crisis of the capitalist world system, elites promote fear of crime and terrorism to keep and expand their privileges and control the masses. This book offers an analysis of the crisis and strategies for rebellion.
(submitted on 2017-02-01)