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Game Theory and Institutional EconomicsGame Theory and Institutional Economics
by Wolfram Elsner, et al. - MDPI AG
This volume pursues the question of the emergence of institutions and hierarchy, analyzes algorithms of strategy change in evolutionary game models, and takes a historical point of view on the development of game theory during the cold war.
(submitted on 2016-08-31)

Creation of the Teton LandscapeCreation of the Teton Landscape
by J. D. Love, John C. Reed - Grand Teton Natural History Association
This booklet discusses how geologic phenomena are responsible for the magnificent scenery of the Teton region. It is a colorfully illustrated look at the park's geologic makeup, includes colorful back-cover fold-out geologic map of the park.
(submitted on 2016-08-31)

Mechanisms: MaterialsMechanisms: Materials
by Robert F. Brun, John C. Sheihing - Delmar Publishers
This text is an introductory treatment of Modern Materials, combining the elements of mechanical theory with those of material and its behavior. The experiments are presented in an action-oriented format combininga textbook with a laboratory manual.
(submitted on 2016-08-31)

Scientific Method of ElectionsScientific Method of Elections
by Richard Lung - Smashwords
The sheer difficulty of genuine electoral reform is shown and explained. The defeat of democracy is also a defeat for science. Freedom and knowledge depend on each other. Therein is the remedy. I base voting method on logic of measurement...
(submitted on 2016-08-31)

A First Course In Mathematical StatisticsA First Course In Mathematical Statistics
by C.E. Weatherburn - Cambridge University Press
This book provides the mathematical foundations of statistics. It explains the principles, and proves the formulae to give validity to the methods of the interpretation of statistical data. It is of interest to students of a wide variety of subjects.
(submitted on 2016-08-31)

Windows 10 IT Pro Essentials Support SecretsWindows 10 IT Pro Essentials Support Secrets
by Ed Bott - Microsoft Press
This e-book is for anyone whose responsibilities include training people to use Windows 10. The author's goal here is to introduce the building blocks of Windows 10 to you in a way that can help you answer 'How do I...' questions quickly.
(submitted on 2016-08-29)

Mobile Media Learning: Innovation and InspirationMobile Media Learning: Innovation and Inspiration
by Christopher Holden, et al. - ETC Press
This book is an inspirational message about what is possible and practical in the name of learning through mobile media. We present stories from a diverse set of educators, a microcosm of the landscape of mobile media learning...
(submitted on 2016-08-29)

Texas Rocks and MineralsTexas Rocks and Minerals
by Roselle M. Girard - The University of Texas at Austin
This booklet has been designed to serve as a brief, simple, nontechnical guide that will be of help to school children, amateur collectors, and others who are just beginning to develop an interest in the rocks and minerals of Texas.
(submitted on 2016-08-29)

Space NomadsSpace Nomads
by Leota Jean LaPaz, Lincoln LaPaz - Holiday House
Meteoritics is the study of the only tangible entities that reach us from outer space -- the meteorites. We have planned and written this book to be a sound and yet largely nontechnical introduction to the science of meteoritics.
(submitted on 2016-08-29)

Diverse Functions of Mucosal Resident Memory T CellsDiverse Functions of Mucosal Resident Memory T Cells
by Kimberly Sue Schluns, Kim Klonowski (eds) - Frontiers Media SA
Early studies recognized the unique phenotype and attributes of T cells found in mucosal tissues, such as the intestines, skin, lung and female reproductive tract. This volume will cover mucosal-resident T cell biology during infection and disease.
(submitted on 2016-08-29)

Learning to Program with Visual Basic and .NET GadgeteerLearning to Program with Visual Basic and .NET Gadgeteer
by Sue Sentance, et al. - Microsoft Press
This book is intended for students and others learning to program in Visual Basic. It assumes no prior knowledge of programming, Visual Basic or the Visual Studio environment. Programming concepts are introduced and explained throughout the book.
(submitted on 2016-08-26)

How the World Changed Social MediaHow the World Changed Social Media
by Daniel Miller, et al. - UCL Press
This book explores the impact of social media on politics and gender, education and commerce. What is the result of the emphasis on visual communication? Are we becoming more individual or more social? Why is public social media so conservative?
(submitted on 2016-08-26)

F# ProgrammingF# Programming
- Wikibooks
The F# programming language is part of Microsoft's family of .NET languages. F# is valuable to programmers at any skill level; it combines many of the features of functional and object-oriented programming styles into a uniquely productive language.
(submitted on 2016-08-26)

The Human Freedom IndexThe Human Freedom Index
by Ian Vasquez, Tanja Porcnik - Fraser Institute
The Human Freedom Index is the most comprehensive measure of freedom ever created for a large number of countries around the globe. It captures the degree to which people are free to enjoy major liberties such as freedom of speech, religion, etc.
(submitted on 2016-08-26)

Writing Spaces: Readings on WritingWriting Spaces: Readings on Writing
by Charles Lowe, Pavel Zemliansky - Parlor Press
A collection of essays for use in the first year writing classroom, all written by writing teachers for students. Topics include academic writing, motives for writing, rhetorical analysis, invention, writing centers, narrative, patchwriting, etc.
(submitted on 2016-08-26)

Electromechanisms: FabricationElectromechanisms: Fabrication
by K. Paul - Delmar Publishers
The book is intended to provide a meaningful experience in fabrication techniques for students of modern technology. The text is presented in an action oriented format combining features normally found in a textbook with those of a laboratory manual.
(submitted on 2016-08-24)

The Research MagnificentThe Research Magnificent
by H. G. Wells - Macmillan
The story of W. P. Benham is the story of a man who was led into adventure by an idea. It was an idea that took possession of his imagination quite early in life, it grew with him and changed with him, it interwove at last completely with his being.
(submitted on 2016-08-24)

A COPD PrimerA COPD Primer
by Ralph Panos, William Eschenbacher - De Gruyter Open Ltd
COPD Primer is a practical overview of COPD management from recognition and diagnosis to end of life care. We describe the identification of airflow obstruction by spirometry and COPD s historical, physical examination, and radiographic findings ...
(submitted on 2016-08-24)

Unification in One DimensionUnification in One Dimension
by David J. Jackson - arXiv
A physical theory of the world is presented under the unifying principle that all of nature is laid out before us and experienced through the passage of time. The one-dimensional progression in time is opened out into a multi-dimensional flow ...
(submitted on 2016-08-24)

The Edinburgh Companion to the Critical Medical HumanitiesThe Edinburgh Companion to the Critical Medical Humanities
by Sarah Atkinson, Jane Macnaughton, Jennifer Richards - Edinburgh University Press
This volume comprehensively introduces the ways in which interdisciplinary thinking across the humanities and social sciences might contribute to, critique and develop medical understanding of the human individually and collectively.
(submitted on 2016-08-24)