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Hip Fracture Outcomes in People Age 50 and OverHip Fracture Outcomes in People Age 50 and Over
- U.S. Government Printing Office
During a few short weeks, four persons residing in adjoining towns and villages upon the coast of Suffolk had mysteriously disappeared from their homes, leaving no traces behind them. The local authorities were disinclined to move in the matter ...
(submitted on 2015-01-30)

The Hidden DoorThe Hidden Door
by Arthur Gask - Herbert Jenkins
During a few short weeks, four persons residing in adjoining towns and villages upon the coast of Suffolk had mysteriously disappeared from their homes, leaving no traces behind them. The local authorities were disinclined to move in the matter ...
(submitted on 2015-01-30)

Internet and Technology Law: A U.S. PerspectiveInternet and Technology Law: A U.S. Perspective
by Konnie G. Kustron - Bookboon
This book reviews many of the legal challenges created by the new technologies. Topics include jurisdiction; privacy; copyright and trademark law; trade secrets and patents; free speech, defamation, and obscenity; and cybercrime.
(submitted on 2015-01-30)

Quantum Hamiltonian ComplexityQuantum Hamiltonian Complexity
by S. Gharibian, Y. Huang, Z. Landau, S. W. Shin - arXiv
We survey the growing field of Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity. Our aim is to provide a computer science-oriented introduction to the subject in order to help bridge the language barrier between computer scientists and physicists in the field.
(submitted on 2015-01-30)

Making Sense of Your Genes: A Guide to Genetic CounsellingMaking Sense of Your Genes: A Guide to Genetic Counselling
- Genetic Alliance
The goal of genetic counseling is to help you learn more about the causes of genetic conditions and how they affect you. Genetic counselors can review your family medical histories and explain how genetic conditions are passed down through families.
(submitted on 2015-01-30)

Family Planning: A Global Handbook for ProvidersFamily Planning: A Global Handbook for Providers
- United States Agency for International Development
In a straightforward, easily used way, this book translates scientific evidence into practical guidance on all major contraceptive methods. This guidance reflects the consensus of experts from the world's leading health organizations.
(submitted on 2015-01-28)

The Construction and Study of Certain Important AlgebrasThe Construction and Study of Certain Important Algebras
by Claude Chevalley - The Mathematical Society Of Japan
This is the reproduction of the beautiful lectures delivered by Professor C. Chevalley at the University of Tokyo in April-June 1954. Contents: Graded algebras; Tensor algebras; Clifford algebras; Some applications of exterior algebras.
(submitted on 2015-01-28)

The Great Lakes: An Environmental Atlas and Resource BookThe Great Lakes: An Environmental Atlas and Resource Book
by Lee Botts, Bruce Krushelnicki - EPA
The Great Lakes are an important part of the physical and cultural heritage of North America. Spanning more than 1,200 km, these inland freshwater seas have provided water for consumption, transportation, power, recreation and a host of other uses.
(submitted on 2015-01-28)

Compiler Design in CCompiler Design in C
by Allen I. Holub - Prentice-Hall
The approach is similar to that taken by Tanenbaum for operating systems in the C-language that implements all algorithms. The book presents the subject of Compiler Design in a way that's understandable to a programmer, rather than a mathematician.
(submitted on 2015-01-28)

The Hangman's KnotThe Hangman's Knot
by Arthur Gask - The Courier-Mail
Larose is called from retirement to solve a mystery -- a mystery more baffling than those which have made his name. Six murders in seven weeks and Scotland Yard is helpless. The crimes give no clue -- not even a similarity of method to connect them.
(submitted on 2015-01-28)

Study notes for Statistical PhysicsStudy notes for Statistical Physics
by W. David McComb - Bookboon
This is an academic textbook in three parts, intended for a one-semester course in statistical physics at honours BSc level. Throughout the book, the emphasis is on a clear, concise exposition, with all steps being clearly explained.
(submitted on 2015-01-26)

An Introduction to Hilbert Module Approach to Multivariable Operator TheoryAn Introduction to Hilbert Module Approach to Multivariable Operator Theory
by Jaydeb Sarkar - arXiv
An introduction of Hilbert modules over function algebras. The theory of Hilbert modules is presented as combination of commutative algebra, complex geometry and Hilbert spaces and its applications to the theory of n-tuples of commuting operators.
(submitted on 2015-01-26)

The Stargate Black HoleThe Stargate Black Hole
by V Bertolaccini - Smashwords
A secret agent probes scientists creating a stargate after time warps and black holes are made in particle accelerators in space, and enters it and hurtles through a gateway, and a starship crew is attacked by a devil-like presence in deep space ...
(submitted on 2015-01-26)

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and ResponsePandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response
- World Health Organization
WHO guideline has been developed to stop or delay pandemic influenza at its initial emergence. There is increased understanding of past pandemics, strengthened outbreak communications, greater insight on disease spread and approaches to control.
(submitted on 2015-01-26)

A Concise GeometryA Concise Geometry
by Clement V. Durell - G. Bell And Sons Limited.
The primary object of this textbook is to supply a large number of easy examples, in the belief that the educational value of the subject lies far more in the power to apply the fundamental facts of geometry, than in the ability to reproduce proofs.
(submitted on 2015-01-26)

Atoms, Nature, and ManAtoms, Nature, and Man
by Neal O. Hines - United States Atomic Energy Commission
This book describes the environmental investigations that have been conducted with the aid of the atom since the first atomic detonation near Alamogordo, in 1945. The story is one of beginnings that point the way to a new understanding of the world.
(submitted on 2015-01-23)

Tourism: the International BusinessTourism: the International Business
by Robert Christie Mill - The Global Text Project
The text is divided into sections: an overview of tourism, the development of tourism, the marketing of tourism, and the future of tourism. The readers will understand tourism and have a clear idea of how to develop and market a tourism destination.
(submitted on 2015-01-23)

The Twelve-Factor AppThe Twelve-Factor App
by Adam Wiggins -
This document synthesizes all of our experience on a wide variety of software-as-a-service apps in the wild. It is a triangulation on ideal practices for app development, paying particular attention to the dynamics of the organic growth of an app.
(submitted on 2015-01-23)

The Grand Babylon HotelThe Grand Babylon Hotel
by Arnold Bennett - Chatto & Windus
Light detective story set in Edwardian England featuring an American millionaire, his daughter with a cast of minor nobility eminences and despicable villains. Set in a luxury hotel in London, the characters are free to be outrageous and clever.
(submitted on 2015-01-23)

Contagion of ViolenceContagion of Violence
- National Academies Press
In exploring the occurrence of violence, researchers have recognized the tendency for violent acts to cluster, to spread from place to place, and to mutate from one type to another. Violent acts are often preceded or followed by other violent acts.
(submitted on 2015-01-23)