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NetWorld!: What People are Really Doing on the InternetNetWorld!: What People are Really Doing on the Internet
by David H. Rothman - Prima Communications , 1996
The Net is revolutionizing the way millions of people work, learn, fall in love, create art, do business, make friends, and entertain themselves. Rothman explores this new electronic meeting place, as well as the controversy that threatens it ...
Introduction to Networking: How the Internet WorksIntroduction to Networking: How the Internet Works
by Charles Severance - , 2015
This book demystifies the amazing architecture and protocols of computers as they communicate over the Internet. The Internet operates on a few relatively simple concepts that anyone can understand. This book was written for everyone ...
Untangling the Web: A Guide to Internet ResearchUntangling the Web: A Guide to Internet Research
by Kurtis Toppert, Walter Seager (eds) - Penny Hill Press , 2007
The Internet -- in all its glory of information and misinformation -- is for all practical purposes limitless, which of course means we can never know it all, see it all, understand it all, or even imagine all it is and will be.
Using FirefoxUsing Firefox
- Wikibooks , 2011
Mozilla Firefox is a free, cross-platform, graphical web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and hundreds of volunteers. Using Firefox is a book designed to help you get the most out of the open source web browser Mozilla Firefox.

Internet Safety: Keeping your Computer Safe on the InternetInternet Safety: Keeping your Computer Safe on the Internet
by Leo Notenboom - Puget Sound Software , 2011
In this free 113 page ebook I summarize popular articles from covering the basics -- the things you must do, the software you must run and the concepts you need to be aware of -- to keep your computer and your data safe as you use the internet.
Netizens: On the History and Impact of the NetNetizens: On the History and Impact of the Net
by Michael Hauben, Ronda Hauben - IEEE Computer Society Press , 1997
Netizens, one of the first books detailing the Internet, looks at the creation and development of this participatory global computer network. The authors conducted online research to find out what makes the Internet 'tick'.
Google Apps: The Missing ManualGoogle Apps: The Missing Manual
by Nancy Conner - O'Reilly Media , 2008
A free alternative to Microsoft Office? Google Apps gives you that plus plenty of bonus reasons to switch: collaborate on documents with others at the same time; whip up a Web page stocked with downloadable files; work on it all from any computer.
NetLingo: The Internet DictionaryNetLingo: The Internet Dictionary
by Erin Jansen - NetLingo , 2011
NetLingo has thousands of definitions that explain the online world of business, technology, and communication including the largest collection of Internet acronyms and text messaging shorthand ;-) We cater to students, teachers, parents, gamers...
The World Wide Web: Beneath the SurfThe World Wide Web: Beneath the Surf
by Mark Handley, Jon Crowcroft - UCL Press , 1994
This book serves as an authoritative introduction to concepts and design required to use the WWW. The book is intended for systems operators and managers, IT managers, computer science undergraduates, and general Internet users.
Living InternetLiving Internet
by William Stewart - , 2011
Never before in human history has such a valuable resource been available to so many people at such little cost. This book is an in-depth reference about the Internet, prepared to provide perspective to this most technological of human inventions.
Zen and the Art of the InternetZen and the Art of the Internet
by Brendan P. Kehoe , 2011
The legendary best-selling Internet introduction is now fully-updated with coverage of the World Wide Web and much more. For years, Internet experts have referred newcomers to this book as the single best way to get started on the Internet.
How The Internet WorksHow The Internet Works
by Taty Sena - , 2011
This guide, by Taty Sena, explores the hardware, software and organizations that power the modern Internet. You will learn about everything from the history of the Internet to the organizations that make it possible today.
Own Your Space: Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe OnlineOwn Your Space: Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online
by Linda McCarthy - Addison-Wesley , 2006
You download music, Google your homework, constantly IM your friends, check your email before dinner. While you're doing that, you also need to protect yourself. This book is about keeping safe -- protecting your data, your identity, and yourself.
Google Guide: Making Searching Even EasierGoogle Guide: Making Searching Even Easier
by Nancy Blachman - , 2010
In this tutorial you can learn how to select terms and search effectively; How Google interprets your query; What's included with your results; How to search using special tools and shortcuts; What to do when you can't find the answer you want; etc.
The Internet Companion: A Beginner's Guide to Global NetworkingThe Internet Companion: A Beginner's Guide to Global Networking
by Tracy LaQuey - Addison Wesley Longman , 1994
The book provides a primer on the Internet, explains the rules, and provides step-by-step instructions on accessing many of the resources available through the Internet. It helps both new and experienced users learn how to use the network.
World Wide Web: Beyond the BasicsWorld Wide Web: Beyond the Basics
by Marc Abrams - Prentice Hall , 1998
Topics covered: History and evolution of the WWW; Existing and evolving Web standards; Effective representation of information on the WWW; Use of object technology for the WWW; Social and legal issues surrounding the WWW; The future of the Web.
From Workplace to Workspace: Using E-mail Lists to Work TogetherFrom Workplace to Workspace: Using E-mail Lists to Work Together
by Maureen James, Liz Rykert - IDRC Books , 1998
From a desktop, e-mail provides a quick link to the world at large, changing a traditional 'workplace' into a 'workspace'. This lively book provides practical guidelines on how to set up an e-mail list, how to launch it, and how to keep it active.
Atlas of CyberspaceAtlas of Cyberspace
by Martin Dodge, Rob Kitchin - Pearson Education , 2002
The authors show off a wide range of possibilities in representing the data existing on the Internet. Since so many of these models were created to display never-before-charted territories, the book is largely devoted to analyzing their accuracy.
The Music Internet UntangledThe Music Internet Untangled
by Andy Breeding - Giant Path Publishing , 2004
A primer on the different types of online music services and how to use them for music discovery. Though somewhat dated, the fundamentals haven't changed. The chapters on the types of services and music information on the net have remained relevant.
The Virtual Community: Homesteading on the Electronic FrontierThe Virtual Community: Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier
by Howard Rheingold - Perseus Books , 1993
Written by the man known as the First Citizen of the Internet, this book covers Rheingold's experiences with virtual communities. It starts off with his home community, The Well, out of Sausilito, CA, and makes its way through MUDs and beyond.
Planet BroadbandPlanet Broadband
by R. Yassini, S. Schley, L. Ellis, R. Brown - Cisco Press , 2003
The book examines the promise behind the broadband: high-speed access to interactive media and communications. The authors explain why broadband is more than just a better connection to the Internet, and how it improves on every aspect of life.
Spreading the Word on the InternetSpreading the Word on the Internet
by Christiane Hardy, Christian Möller - OSCE , 2003
Reflections from the Amsterdam Conference on Freedom of the Media and the Internet, June 2003. The book includes articles by representatives from the OSCE, the Council of Europe, journalists and media NGOs from Europe and the United States.
How to Bypass Internet CensorshipHow to Bypass Internet Censorship
- FLOSS Manuals , 2008
Because of the internet blocking mechanisms and censorship, many individuals are working hard to ensure that the information on the Internet are freely available. This book documents simple circumvention techniques, and also more complex methods.
Surf's UpSurf's Up
by Vijay Mukhi, Sejal Gupta, Shanta Chainani - BPB Publications , 2004
Introduction to WWW for beginners. From the contents: Search Engines, Electronic Mail, Electronic Greetings, Shopping, GetRight, Chat, Personal Homepage, Hyper Text Markup Language, File Transfer Protocol, Behind the Scenes.
The Future of the InternetThe Future of the Internet
by Jonathan Zittrain - Yale University Press , 2008
The book explains the engine that has catapulted the Internet from backwater to ubiquity and reveals that it is sputtering precisely because of its runaway success. The generative Internet is on a path to a lockdown, ending its cycle of innovation.
Wireless Networking in the Developing WorldWireless Networking in the Developing World
by The WNDW Production Team - , 2006
By applying wireless technology in areas that are in need of communications infrastructure, more people can be brought online than ever before. This book was created by a team of individuals participating in the ever-expanding Internet.
How To Accelerate Your InternetHow To Accelerate Your Internet
by Rob Flickenger - INASP/ICTP , 2006
This book provides practical information on how to gain the largest possible benefit from your connection to the Internet. By applying the monitoring and optimisation techniques discussed here, the effectiveness of your network can be improved.
55 Ways to Have Fun With Google55 Ways to Have Fun With Google
by Philipp Lenssen - , 232
Interesting facts about Google, Snake Game, Googlesport, Memecodes, Googledromes, cartoons, Google-related games, oddities, everything else. It is an excellent book if you are interested in Google or just want to have fun with the popular search engine.
Unlocking Google's Hidden PotentialUnlocking Google's Hidden Potential
by Stephan Spencer - , 2006
Stephan Spencer has written a new ebook on how to become a Google power-searcher. This guide is a must-have for anyone who uses Google. This ebook will show you how to find what you need quickly and with laser-like accuracy.