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Build Your Own PCBuild Your Own PC
by Morris Rosenthal - McGraw-Hill , 2004
This visual how-to manual is loaded with photographs and images to help you see how to assemble from scratch your PC easily. This guide will lead you through making preparations to build your PC, which includes guidance selecting the right parts.
The Secret Guide to ComputersThe Secret Guide to Computers
by Russ Walter - Russell Walter Pub , 2003
The book explains everything important about computers -- simply, candidly, and as wisely as possible, with a cynical laugh. This book was rated 'tops' by the major computer magazines, newspapers, library organizations, schools, and computer clubs.
PC ArchitecturePC Architecture
by Michael Karbo - karbosguide.dk , 2006
This guide is written in easy language and contains a lot of illustrations. The author would like to give you enough insight into and confidence about your PC's workings that you would dare to upgrade your PC, or build your next PC yourself.

Basic Computing Using WindowsBasic Computing Using Windows
- Wikibooks , 2006
Introduces the reader to a Windows PC environment, it explains basics of computers and peripherals, operating systems and controls, desktop, file systems, concepts and settings, networks and the Internet, email, chat-rooms, and IM.
How To Assemble A Desktop PCHow To Assemble A Desktop PC
- Wikibooks , 2007
The book on building your own computer: choosing the parts, motherboard, processor, RAM, hard disk, graphics card, keyboard, monitor, assembling it all into a new computer that you built yourself, and final moment when you flip the power switch.
Build a Computer from ScratchBuild a Computer from Scratch
by Jeff Heaton - Heaton Research, Inc. , 2006
Describes the computer system components, such as motherboards, processors, hard drives, memory, CD/DVD drives, cases, power supplies and fans. The book will take you through all of the steps to create exactly the computer system that you need.