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Michelangelo: A Collection of Fifteen Pictures, and a Portrait of the MasterMichelangelo: A Collection of Fifteen Pictures, and a Portrait of the Master
by Estelle M. Hurll - The Riverside Press , 1900
We are dealing here with a master whose import is always serious, and whose artistic individuality is strongly impressed on all his works, either in sculpture or painting. Our selections represent his best work in both arts.

Greek SculptureGreek Sculpture
by Estelle M. Hurll - Houghton Mifflin Company , 1901
A collection of sixteen pictures of Greek marbles, with introduction and interpretation. Within the limits of this small collection of pictures an attempt is made to bring together as great a variety of subjects as possible.

A History of SculptureA History of Sculpture
by Harold North Fowler - MacMillan , 1916
A sketch of the history of sculpture from the beginnings of civilization to the present day. The author attempted no detailed criticism. A brief description of the materials and methods employed in sculpture is contained in the Introduction.

How to Understand SculptureHow to Understand Sculpture
by Margaret Thomas - G. Bell & Sons, Ltd. , 1911
This is the text of an artist endeavouring to explain the technicalities of a beautiful and little understood art. It is not a complete history of sculpture, the book is concerned only with the principles which underlie all art.