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U.S. Severe Weather TerminologyU.S. Severe Weather Terminology
- Wikipedia , 2014
This book describes severe weather terminology used by the National Weather Service in the United States. The NWS defines meanings for nearly all of its weather terms. The book describes NWS terminology and related weather scales used by the agency.

Mathematical and Physical Ideas for Climate ScienceMathematical and Physical Ideas for Climate Science
by Valerio Lucarini, et al. - arXiv , 2013
In this interdisciplinary review, we are guided by our interest in exploring the nexus between climate and concepts such as energy, entropy, symmetry, response, multiscale interactions, and its potential relevance in terms of numerical modeling.

Natural Aerosols in the Climate SystemNatural Aerosols in the Climate System
by Charlie Zender - University of California, Irvine , 2011
This monograph describes considerations pertinent to understanding and simulating the distribution and effects of natural aerosols in Earth's atmosphere. The majority of the aerosol-specific sections focus on mineral dust.

Radiative Transfer in the Earth SystemRadiative Transfer in the Earth System
by Charlie Zender - University of California, Irvine , 2010
This document describes processes and radiative transfer models of the Earth system. Our approach is to present a detailed derivation of the tools of radiative transfer needed to predict the radiative quantities which drive climate.

Weather Science: An Elementary Introduction to MeteorologyWeather Science: An Elementary Introduction to Meteorology
by F.W. Henkel - T. F. Unwin , 1911
The application of dynamical methods, the development of theories of atmospheric circulation, the establishment of regular meteorological observatories, have all helped in throwing light upon some of the obscurer problems of the science.

Practical Exercises in Elementary MeteorologyPractical Exercises in Elementary Meteorology
by Robert DeCourcy Ward - Ginn & company , 1899
The object of this book is to supply a guide in the elementary observational and inductive studies in meteorology. This Manual is not intended to replace the text-books, but is designed to prepare the way for their more intelligent use.

Climate ChangeClimate Change
- Wikibooks , 2012
This Wikibook deals with climate change, in particular the recent global warming. The book is really two parts: first, a primer on the science of climate change, and second, a study of societal implications of climate change.

A Wet Look at Climate Change: Hurricanes to House MitesA Wet Look at Climate Change: Hurricanes to House Mites
by Peter Moir - BookBoon , 2012
The book introduces the basics about moisture in air, which is the driving force for our weather. The subsequent chapters cover a range of everyday examples showing the impact these weather changes have around our home, garden and workplace.

by J. G. M'Pherson - T. C. & E. C. Jack , 1905
Contents: Dew; Hoar-Frost; Fog; Dust and Atmospheric Phenomena; Formation of Clouds; Haze; Rainbow; Aurora Borealis; Blue Sky; Fog and Smoke; Radiation from Snow; Wind; Cyclones and Anti-Cyclones; Rain Phenomena; Climate; Weather-Forecasting; etc.

Climate Variability: Some Aspects, Challenges and ProspectsClimate Variability: Some Aspects, Challenges and Prospects
by Abdel Hannachi - InTech , 2012
This is a general introduction to the popular topic of climate variability. It explores various aspects of climate variability and change from different perspectives, ranging from the low-frequency variability to the adaptation to climate change.

Recent Hurricane Research: Climate, Dynamics, and Societal ImpactsRecent Hurricane Research: Climate, Dynamics, and Societal Impacts
by Anthony Lupo - InTech , 2011
The book presents recent research on tropical cyclones and their impacts. An updated global climatology is presented, including the occurrence of tropical cyclones and the terrestrial factors that may contribute to variability in their occurrence.

Earth's Energy Imbalance and ImplicationsEarth's Energy Imbalance and Implications
by J. Hansen, M. Sato, P. Kharecha, K. von Schuckmann - arXiv , 2011
Observations of ocean temperature confirm that Earth is absorbing more energy from the sun than it is radiating to space as heat. The energy imbalance provides verification of the dominant role of the human-made greenhouse effect in climate change.

Meteorology: Theoretical And AppliedMeteorology: Theoretical And Applied
by H. Wendell, R. Longley - John Wiley & Sons , 1944
This book is an introductory treatment of basic meteorological theory, with a closer integration of forecasting technique with the theory on which it is founded. The book is designed to appeal persons studying meteorology or practicing forecasters.

Weather ExplainedWeather Explained
- Advameg, Inc. , 2009
A complete weather encyclopedia in 6 volumes. It contains articles like United States Weather in Atlas Format, El Nino and La Nina, Winter Storms, Heat and Humidity, Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Floods and Flash Floods, Earthquakes, etc.

Atmospheric ConvectionAtmospheric Convection
by David J. Raymond - New Mexico Tech , 2009
A graduate course in the physics of atmospheric convection: Governing equations of fluid dynamics; Convection and turbulence; Thermodynamics of moist convection; Simple models of convection; Microphysics of convection; Convection and the environment.

An Atlas of the Global Water CycleAn Atlas of the Global Water Cycle
by Wee Ho Lim, Michael L. Roderick - ANU E Press , 2009
The maps and tables in the Atlas document rainfall, evaporation and runoff estimates for the 20th century along with predictions at the end of the 21st century. The predictions are made by the international climate modeling community.

Global Climate Change Impacts in the United StatesGlobal Climate Change Impacts in the United States
by Thomas R. Karl, at al. - Cambridge University Press , 2009
The report summarizes the impacts of climate change on the US, now and in the future. It focuses on climate change impacts in different regions and on various aspects of society and the economy such as energy, water, agriculture, and health.

The Forgiving Air: Understanding Environmental ChangeThe Forgiving Air: Understanding Environmental Change
by Richard C. J. Somerville - University of California Press , 1998
An authoritative, up-to-date handbook on global change. Written by a scientist for nonscientists, this primer humanizes the great environmental issues of our time - the hole in the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect, acid rain, and air pollution.

Atmospheric PollutionAtmospheric Pollution
by J.C. Jones - BookBoon , 2008
Atmospheric pollution is is becoming an increasingly important theme as the discussion on global warming becomes ever more relevant. The book introduces the different concepts of atmospheric pollution and the underlying principles.