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The Performance Of Open Source ApplicationsThe Performance Of Open Source Applications
by Tavish Armstrong , 2013
The book is written by developers who have grappled with slow code, memory leaks, or uncontrollable latency in open source software. They share their mistakes and successes, and give the reader a view of how they approached their specific challenges.

Understanding Open Access: When, Why and How to Make Your Work Openly AccessibleUnderstanding Open Access: When, Why and How to Make Your Work Openly Accessible
by Lexi Rubow, Rachael Shen, Brianna Schofield - Authors Alliance , 2015
Our goal is to encourage our members to consider open access publishing by addressing common concerns and by providing real-life tools that authors can use to work with publishers, institutions, and funders to make their works more widely accessible.
Open AdviceOpen Advice
by Lydia Pintscher, et al. - , 2012
The authors give insights into the many different talents it takes to make a successful software project, coding of course but also design, translation, marketing and other skills. We are here to give you a head start if you are new.
The Architecture of Open Source ApplicationsThe Architecture of Open Source Applications
by Amy Brown, Greg Wilson - , 2011
In this book, the authors of twenty-five open source applications explain how their software is structured, and why. What are each program's major components? How do they interact? And what did their builders learn during their development?
Free and Open Source Software: A General IntroductionFree and Open Source Software: A General Introduction
by Kenneth Wong, Phet Sayo - Wikibooks , 2004
This primer is the first in a series of primers focused on the FOSS movement. It gives an overview of the issues and technologies involved. Although geared more for developing countries, the points discussed are relevant around the world.
Open Source Licensing: Software Freedom and Intellectual Property LawOpen Source Licensing: Software Freedom and Intellectual Property Law
by Lawrence Rosen - Prentice Hall , 2004
A plain-English guide to open source law for developers, managers, users, and lawyers. Rosen clearly explains the intellectual property laws that support open source licensing, reviews today's leading licenses, and helps you make the best choices.
Open Source: The Unauthorized White PapersOpen Source: The Unauthorized White Papers
by Donald K. Rosenberg - Hungry Minds , 2000
Does Linux and other Open Source software really make good business sense? What are the opportunities and risks? This book provides the answers. Written by a respected Open Source authority, it provides a clear, objective analysis.
Getting Started with Open Source DevelopmentGetting Started with Open Source Development
by Rachna Kapur, at al. - IBM Corporation , 2010
This books gets you started into the fascinating world of open source software development. Using the exercises and case studies provided, you will get good hands-on experience to contribute to and start open source projects.
Open Sources 2.0: The Continuing EvolutionOpen Sources 2.0: The Continuing Evolution
by C. DiBona, M. Stone, D. Cooper - O'Reilly Media, Inc. , 2005
These essays explore open source's impact on the software industry and reveal how open source concepts are infiltrating other areas of commerce and society. The essays appeal to a broad audience: software developers, business executives, etc.
Innovation Happens Elsewhere: Open Source as Business StrategyInnovation Happens Elsewhere: Open Source as Business Strategy
by Ron Goldman, Richard P. Gabriel - Morgan Kaufmann , 2005
This online book is intended for anyone considering using Open Source. It describes what open source is, discusses business reasons for using open source, and describes how an open source project works in a day-to-day manner.
Understanding Open Source and Free Software LicensingUnderstanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing
by Andrew M. St. Laurent - O'Reilly Media, Inc. , 2004
The book helps you make sense of the different options available to you. This concise guide focuses on annotated licenses, offering an in-depth explanation of how they compare and interoperate, and how license choices affect project possibilities.
Free for AllFree for All
by Peter Wayner - Diane Pub Co , 2000
The book explores the history of open-source programming, its emerging threat to Microsoft, and its struggle to retain its ideals in the face of big money. Wayner outlines the arguments for leaving software source code open and free for anyone.
Open Source DemocracyOpen Source Democracy
by Douglas Rushkoff - Demos , 2003
The book explains how online communication is changing offline politics. The author argues that the way in which the internet encourages user activity can be a metaphor for reawakening a public appetite for civic engagement.
Open Life: The Philosophy of Open SourceOpen Life: The Philosophy of Open Source
by Henrik Ingo - , 2006
The book spotlights the people, businesses, values and practices of the Open Source world. It discusses the philosophy of openness, Open Source culture, business models, economic and ethical sustainability, mining, literature, and fashion design.