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The Road to Wigan PierThe Road to Wigan Pier
by George Orwell - eBooks@Adelaide , 2010
The book documents Orwell's investigations of the living conditions amongst the working class in the north of England before World War II. There is a long essay on his middle-class upbringing, and the development of his political conscience.

Keep the Aspidistra FlyingKeep the Aspidistra Flying
by George Orwell - eBooks@Adelaide , 2004
Gordon Comstock loathes dull, middle-class respectability and worship of money. He gives up a good job to work part-time in a bookshop, giving him more time to write. But he slides into a poverty that destroys his creativity and his spirit.

Coming up for AirComing up for Air
by George Orwell - eBooks@Adelaide , 2004
Insurance salesman George 'Fatty' Bowling lives with his humorless wife and their two irritating children in a dull house in London suburb of West Bletchley. The year is 1938. Doomsayers are declaring that England will be at war again by 1941.

Burmese DaysBurmese Days
by George Orwell - eBooks@Adelaide , 2002
Orwell depicts a world of real and mental violence, pure racism, corruption, bribing and blackmail. This hard-hitting book contains the main themes of Orwell's later work: immoral, secret, arrogant and violent behavior of a all powerful oligarchy.