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Sick Heart RiverSick Heart River
by John Buchan - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
Edward Leithen is given a year to live. Fearing he will die unfulfilled, he devotes his last months to seeking out and restoring to health Galliard, a young Canadian banker. Galliard is in remotest Canada searching for the River of the Sick Heart.

A Lodge in the WildernessA Lodge in the Wilderness
by John Buchan - W. Blackwood and Sons , 1906
A Lodge in the Wilderness (1906) is a quasi-novel about an imaginary conference arranged by a multi-millionaire, Francis Carey, at a lodge, Musuru, located on the East Kenyan Plateau some 9000 feet above sea level, to discuss Empire ...

The Three HostagesThe Three Hostages
by John Buchan - Feedbooks , 1924
Hannay is living peacefully in the Cotswolds, when he receives a request to help solve the mysterious kidnapping of the children of three prominent people. Given nothing to go on but a few clues, Hannay must track down the dastardly villains ...

The Power-HouseThe Power-House
by John Buchan - Houghton Mifflin , 1916
When his friend vanishes, Sir Edward Leithen is at first only mildly concerned. But a series of strange events that follow the disappearance convince Leithen that he is dealing with a sinister secret society. Their codename is 'The Power-House'.

Salute to AdventurersSalute to Adventurers
by John Buchan - ManyBooks , 1915
A novel set during the beginning of the Jamestown Colony, a saga about one man's struggle to survive and even find love in a land beset by trade controls with England enforced by pirates, religious strife, harsh environmental conditions, and more.

Prester JohnPrester John
by John Buchan - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
Prester John, set more than a century ago in backwater South Africa, is the great grandfather of today's thrillers. A young hero confronts a massive uprising by tribesmen who wish to slaughter all the white settlers for a hundred miles around.

The House of the Four WindsThe House of the Four Winds
by John Buchan - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
A group of English and Scottish travelers become deeply involved in the machinations of three warring parties in an imaginary principality on the edge of the Tyrol. Adventure - romance - humor - good summer entertainment.

by John Buchan - eBooks@Adelaide , 2005
This is a classic tale of espionage and adventure. Richard Hannay travels across war-torn Europe on the trail of a German plot and an Islamic Messiah. He moves in disguise through Germany to the Russian border in order to face his enemies.

The Thirty-Nine StepsThe Thirty-Nine Steps
by John Buchan - Grosset & Dunlap , 1915
Buchan's best-known thriller (made into a movie by Alfred Hitchcock). He introduces here his most popular hero, Richard Hannay, who is an ordinary fellow caught up in the dangerous and dramatic race against a plot to devastate the British war effort.