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A Start in LifeA Start in Life
by Honore de Balzac - eBooks@Adelaide , 2012
A Start in Life contains many comic moments of a young man's adventures starting out in life as he falls prey to temptations and practical jokes. By the French author, who is generally regarded as a founding-father of realism in European fiction.
by Honore de Balzac - eBooks@Adelaide , 2012
The work plunges into the fantastic and the supernatural self (a genre that Balzac always approached with success). In a castle in Norway near the fjord Stromfjord, Seraphitus, a strange and melancholic being, conceals a terrible secret ...

A Second HomeA Second Home
by Honore de Balzac - eBooks@Adelaide , 2007
The Rue du Tourniquet-Saint-Jean, formerly one of the darkest and most tortuous of the streets about the Hotel de Ville, zigzagged round the little gardens of the Paris Prefecture, and ended at the Rue Martroi, exactly at the angle of an old wall...
Scenes from a Courtesan's LifeScenes from a Courtesan's Life
by Honore de Balzac - eBooks@Adelaide , 2011
In 1824, at the last opera ball of the season, several masks were struck by the beauty of a youth who was wandering about the passages and greenroom with the air of a man in search of a woman kept at home by unexpected circumstances ...
Colonel ChabertColonel Chabert
by Honore de Balzac - Feedbooks , 1832
In this novel Balzac juxtaposes two world-views: the Napoleonic value-system, founded on honour and military valour; and that of the Restoration. All that matters in the modern era is social rank based upon the possession of money.
Father GoriotFather Goriot
by Honore de Balzac - Project Gutenberg , 2010
A masterful study of a father whose sacrifices for his daughters have become a compulsion, this novel marks Balzac's 'real entree' into La Comedie Humaine, his series of almost one hundred novels meant to depict 'the whole pell-mell of civilization'.
The Lily of the ValleyThe Lily of the Valley
by Honore de Balzac - Gebbie Publishing Co. , 1898
This was Balzac's personal favorite among his writings. The novel offers the courtship of Felix and fiancee Henrietta, whose correspondence on the subject of love reveals her to be far more experienced than he thought. Romance the Balzac way.
Eugenie GrandetEugenie Grandet
by Honore de Balzac - Dent , 1913
A classic novel by Balzac which makes your ribs tickle with hilarity and your hair stand on end. The early work in author's Comedie humaine, this book depicts the fall of the Grandet household as an economic and social consequence of the Revolution.