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The TitanThe Titan
by Theodore Dreiser - John Lane Co. , 1914
Dreiser presents the story of Frank Cowperwood, a turn of the century financier who desires to use his power and influence to force his will on a city by bribery and coercion. Despite his power and wealth he is unable to love ...

Sister CarrieSister Carrie
by Theodore Dreiser - Feedbooks , 1900
Sister Carrie is a novel by Theodore Dreiser about a young country girl who moves to the big city where she starts realizing her own American Dream by first becoming a mistress to men that she perceives as superior and later as a famous actress.

The GeniusThe Genius
by Theodore Dreiser - Feedbooks , 1915
Theodore Dreiser heavily invested himself in The Genius, an autobiographical novel first published in 1915. Thoroughly immersed in the turn-of-the-century art scene, The Genius explores the multiple conflicts between art and business.

Jennie GerhardtJennie Gerhardt
by Theodore Dreiser - eBooks@Adelaide , 2004
Novel by Theodore Dreiser, it exemplifies the naturalism of which Dreiser was a proponent, telling the unhappy story of a working-class woman who accepts all the adversity life visits on her and becomes the mistress of two wealthy and powerful men.

The FinancierThe Financier
by Theodore Dreiser - eBooks@Adelaide , 2004
Based on the life of flamboyant financier C.T. Yerkes, Dreiser's portrayal of the unscrupulous magnate Cowperwood embodies the idea that behind every great fortune there is a crime. Dreiser's great intensity gives this portrait a powerful reality.

An American TragedyAn American Tragedy
by Theodore Dreiser - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
A bestseller, this novel is the culmination of Dreiser's powerful fictional art. Starting from a murder case, the author immersed himself in the social background of the crime to write a book that is both a reportage and a study of character.