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Landmark Experiments in PhysicsLandmark Experiments in Physics
- Wikipedia , 2014
Contents: Fizeau-Foucault apparatus; Ives-Stilwell experiment; Oxford Electric Bell; Roemer's determination of the speed of light; Sagnac effect; Trouton-Noble experiment; De Sitter double star experiment; Atwood machine; Barton's pendulums; etc.

Laboratory projects in physics: a manual of practical experiments for beginnersLaboratory projects in physics: a manual of practical experiments for beginners
by Frederick Foreman Good - The Macmillan Company , 1921
These experiments should form part of a physics course which includes class discussions and demonstrations. They were used for several years in a beginners' course in practical physics. The materials and procedure have been worked out in detail.

A Laboratory Manual for Introductory PhysicsA Laboratory Manual for Introductory Physics
by Donald E. Simanek - Lock Haven University , 1998
These web documents contain supplementary material for laboratory work in the introductory physics course. They provide a point of view which some laboratory manuals lack. A large part of this material commonly goes by the name 'error analysis'.

Experimental Elasticity: A Manual for the LaboratoryExperimental Elasticity: A Manual for the Laboratory
by G.F.C. Searle - Cambridge University Press , 1908
G. F. C. Searle made notable contributions to the development of laboratory physics and theories of electromagnetic mass. This book was based on the notes prepared by Searle for his practical physics classes at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge.

Advanced Exercises in Practical PhysicsAdvanced Exercises in Practical Physics
by Arthur Schuster - Cambridge University Press , 1901
This volume is intended for students who, having obtained an elementary knowledge of experimental work in Physics, desire to become acquainted with the principles and methods of accurate measurement. This book is published in 1901.

Hitchhiker's Guide to First Year Physics Labs at UCDHitchhiker's Guide to First Year Physics Labs at UCD
by Philip Ilten - arXiv , 2010
The book is intended to complement the UCD first year laboratory manuals, but can also be read independently. The book spans a wide range of subjects, beginning with experimental techniques, moving onto classical mechanics, touching on EM, and more.

Practical PhysicsPractical Physics
by R. Glazebrook, N. Shaw - Longmans , 1889
This book is intended for the assistance of Students and Teachers in Physical Laboratories. Our general aim has been to give the reader a practical acquaintance with methods of measurement, and also the important principles of the various subjects.

Endless AmusementEndless Amusement
- Lea and Blanchard , 1847
A collection of experiments in various branches of science, including acoustics, electricity, magnetism, arithmetic, hydraulics, mechanics, chemistry, hydrostatics, optics, the air-pump, all the popular tricks and changes of the cards, etc.

The Data Analysis BriefBookThe Data Analysis BriefBook
by Rudolf K. Bock, Werner Krischer - Springer , 2010
A condensed handbook, or an extended glossary, written in encyclopedic format, covering subjects in statistics, computing, analysis, and related fields. It intends to be both introduction and reference for data analysts, scientists and engineers.