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Productivity for Creative PeopleProductivity for Creative People
by Mark McGuinness - Smashwords , 2016
If you're excited by the opportunities of the creative age, but worried about the effect of all those interruptions and digital distractions on your creative work, 'Productivity for Creative People' has been written for you.
Mind HackingMind Hacking
by John Hargrave - , 2015
Have you ever wished you could reprogram your brain, just as a hacker would a computer? In this 3-step guide to improving your mental habits, learn to take charge of your mind and banish negative thoughts, habits, and anxiety -- in just 21 days.

How to Overcome ProcrastinationHow to Overcome Procrastination
by Paul Newton - Bookboon , 2014
This book provides practical and usable tactics that control and overcome one's tendency to procrastinate. It helps you to identify which of the seven triggers cause you to put off important tasks. You can also pass on these tactics to help others.
The Creative Edge: The Art of Making Ideas WorkThe Creative Edge: The Art of Making Ideas Work
by James Hegarty - Smashwords , 2014
How to discover extraordinary ideas and bring them into reality. This book explains creativity as a practical process - the methods and abilities - that applies to any discovery and development situation. It's practical, hip, and entirely real-world.
The 25-Hour DayThe 25-Hour Day
by Jenna Meyerson - Bookboon , 2013
This manual gives practical tips and instructions to help you understand time management. You will discover how to utilise the technology available to you, how to make the most of your own productive cycles, and how to make your life more efficient.
Emotional IntelligenceEmotional Intelligence
by MTD Training - BookBoon , 2010
This textbook introduces readers to what Emotional Intelligence is and how they can improve their own. Being 'bright' is not enough in today's modern society. You need to understand how to manage your emotions and those of others to get on.
How to Analyze People on SightHow to Analyze People on Sight
by E. L. Benedict, R. P. Benedict - Roycrofters , 1921
The fundamental traits of every individual are stamped in the shape of his body, head, face and hands. From this book you will learn which type of car you are and the main reasons why you have not been getting the maximum of service out of yourself.
The Science of Getting RichThe Science of Getting Rich
by Wallace Delois Wattles , 1910
The book is about getting rich - not only in terms of money but in every possible way, including relationships and health. The book is quite short and the language is simple. The author doesn't get into philosophies or theories.
How to Make a Complete Map of Every Thought you ThinkHow to Make a Complete Map of Every Thought you Think
by Lion Kimbro , 2003
This book is about how to make a complete map of everything you think for as long as you like. Keeping a map of all your thoughts has a freezing effect on the mind. It takes a lot of (albeit pleasurable) work, but produces nothing but SIGHT.