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Book cover: Cloud Computing for Science and EngineeringCloud Computing for Science and Engineering
by - The MIT Press ,
The book introduces the working scientist, engineer or student to cloud computing. It surveys the technology that underpins the cloud, new approaches to technical problems enabled by the cloud, and integration of cloud services into scientific work.
Book cover: Cloud Computing: Architecture and ApplicationsCloud Computing: Architecture and Applications
by - InTech ,
This book presents some applications in cloud frameworks along with some innovative design of algorithms and architecture for deployment in cloud environment. It is a valuable source for researchers, engineers, practitioners, and graduate students.
Book cover: Building the Infrastructure for Cloud SecurityBuilding the Infrastructure for Cloud Security
by - Springer ,
The book highlights the fundamental technology components necessary to build and enable trusted clouds. Here is an explanation of the security and compliance challenges organizations face as they migrate mission-critical applications to the cloud.

Book cover: Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft AzureBuilding Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure
by - Microsoft Press ,
This book walks you through a patterns-based approach to building real-world cloud solutions. The patterns apply to the development process and coding practices. This book expects that you have experience with Visual Studio and ASP.NET.
Book cover: Cloud Design PatternsCloud Design Patterns
by - Microsoft Press ,
The book contains design patterns and related guidance topics that articulate the benefits of applying patterns by showing how each piece can fit into cloud application architectures. It includes code samples and general advice on using each pattern.
Book cover: Getting Started with Cloud ComputingGetting Started with Cloud Computing
by - Red Hat ,
Cloud computing with Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a web-scale virtual computing environment powered by Amazon Web Services. It provides everything needed to develop and host applications: compute capacity, network bandwidth, storage capacity, etc.