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Inductive Logic Programming: Techniques and Applications

Inductive Logic Programming: Techniques and Applications
by Nada Lavrac, Saso Dzeroski

Publisher: Prentice Hall 1994
ISBN/ASIN: 0134578708
ISBN-13: 9780134578705
Number of pages: 400

This book is an introduction to inductive logic programming (ILP), a research field at the intersection of machine learning and logic programming, which aims at a formal framework as well as practical algorithms for inductively learning relational descriptions in the form of logic programs. The book covers empirical inductive logic programming, one of the two major subfields of ILP, which has shown its application potential in the following areas: knowledge acquisition, inductive program synthesis, inductive data engineering, and knowledge discovery in databases. The book is intended for knowledge engineers concerned with the automatic synthesis of knowledge bases for expert systems, software engineers who could profit from inductive programming tools, researchers in system development and database methodology, interested in techniques for knowledge discovery in databases and inductive data engineering, and researchers and graduates in artificial intelligence, machine learning, logic programming, software engineering and database methodology.

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