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Saguaro National Monument, ArizonaSaguaro National Monument, Arizona
by Napier Shelton - U.S. Government Printing Office , 1972
This book is a simple account of the natural history of Saguaro National Monument. It is intended to help you understand the relationships between land, climate, plants, wild animals, and man in the environment of a hot desert ...
The Successful Treasure Hunter's Essential GuideThe Successful Treasure Hunter's Essential Guide
by David Villanueva - Smashwords , 2014
With over 40 years experience, Villanueva tackles the major problems metal detectorists face. Obtaining search permission; research and finding sites; laws and code of practice; choosing a metal detector and overcoming detector limitations; etc.
- Wikibooks , 2011
This wikibook is a comprehensive guide to choosing, riding and maintaining bicycles. It aims to be easily understood by the rank amateur whilst also having useful information for budding or experienced cyclists or bike mechanics.
A Bicycle Tour Of Northern Sweden And Finland And NorwayA Bicycle Tour Of Northern Sweden And Finland And Norway
by Tomas Carlsson - Smashwords , 2013
This travelogue is a collection of my notes from a bicycle tour in northern Sweden, Finland and Norway, in the land of midnight sun and mosquitoes. It can be read as information about bicycle touring or traveling in northern Scandinavia in general.

Up the Mazaruni for DiamondsUp the Mazaruni for Diamonds
by William la Varre - Marshall Jones Company , 1919
William la Varre is adventuring in the right spirit. His diamond hunting is instructive as well as interesting. He has brought back from the field information which will help others who intend to traverse similar trails...
Survival Scenarios and SuggestionsSurvival Scenarios and Suggestions
by Richard Scroggins - Project Gutenberg , 2012
This book is a collection of scenario based tips that cover many aspects of both short term and long term survival. It is based on a variety of small and large scale disasters and common mistakes that lead into survival mode.
The Yellowstone National ParkThe Yellowstone National Park
by Hiram Martin Chittenden - The Robert Clarke Co. , 1895
The book deals first with the history of the Upper Yellowstone from the days of Lewis and Clark to the present time. The descriptive portion of the work contains a comprehensive treatment of the various scientific and popular features of the Park.
by Henry David Thoreau - Project Gutenberg , 1995
In 1845, Henry David Thoreau moved into a cabin by Walden Pond. With the intention of immersing himself in nature and distancing himself from the distractions of social life, Thoreau sustained his retreat for just over two years...
The Maine WoodsThe Maine Woods
by Henry David Thoreau - Boston Houghton , 1890
Over a period of three years, Thoreau made three trips to the woods of Maine. He climbed mountains, paddled a canoe, and dined on cedar beer, hemlock tea and moose lips. He captured a wilder side of America and revealed his own adventurous spirit.
Jungle PeaceJungle Peace
by William Beebe - Henry Holt & Co. , 1920
William Beebe is a good writer, a trained scientific observer, and an enterprising and adventurous traveler. The jungle he herein describes is that of Guiana; and in the introductory chapters he gives cameos of what one sees sailing southward ...
Canoeing in the WildernessCanoeing in the Wilderness
by Henry David Thoreau - Houghton, Mifflin & co. , 1916
The chief attraction that inspired Thoreau to make the trip was the primitiveness of the region. Here was a vast tract of virgin woodland, peopled only with a few loggers. No one could have been better fitted than Thoreau to enjoy such a region.
America's National Parks Owner's GuideAmerica's National Parks Owner's Guide
- National Park Foundation , 2016
Make your national park experience better than ever. Filled with detailed maps, travel tips and inside information on what not to miss, the America's National Parks Owner's Guide is your one-stop resource to discover all 392 of your national parks.
What Bird is That?What Bird is That?
by Frank M. Chapman - D. Appleton & co , 1920
A pocket museum of the land birds of the eastern United States arranged according to season. The birds are drawn and reproduced with such accuracy that no essential detail of color or form is lost. They are all drawn to nearly the same scale.
Ecology and Wonder in the Canadian Rocky Mountain ParksEcology and Wonder in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks
by Robert W. Sandford - AU Press , 2010
This book makes several remarkable claims: the greatest cultural achievement in the Western Canadian mountain region may be what has been preserved, not what has been developed. A must-read for those who appreciate Canada's breathtaking landscape.
A Lady's Life in the Rocky MountainsA Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains
by Isabella Bird - eBooks@Adelaide , 2007
In 1872, Isabella Bird set off alone to the Antipodes and found she had embarked on a life of adventurous travel. This volume tells of magnificent, unspoiled landscapes and abundant wildlife, of encounters with rattlesnakes, wolves, and pumas.
Outdoor SurvivalOutdoor Survival
- Wikibooks , 2009
Human beings are very resourceful, and many people have survived despite impossible odds. This is a wikibook on outdoor survival. From the contents: Survival Kit; Shelter; Water; Fire; Signals; Food; Preparedness; Emergency Situations; First Aid.
Wild Nature Won By KindnessWild Nature Won By Kindness
by Elizabeth Brightwen - T. Fisher Unwin , 1898
I shall try to have quiet talks with my readers and tell them about the many pleasant friendships I have had with animals, birds, and insects. I have always maintained that the love of animated nature should be fostered far more than it usually is.