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The Great Painters' GospelThe Great Painters' Gospel
by Henry Turner Bailey - W. A. Wilde Co. , 1900
Pictures representing scenes and incidents in the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ, with scriptural quotations, references and suggestions for comparative study. The picture itself may be the object of study, and the text become a commentary ...
The Madonna in ArtThe Madonna in Art
by Estelle M. Hurll - L.C. Page and company , 1898
This little book is a study of Madonna art as a revelation of motherhood. Great pains have been taken to choose as illustrations, not only the pictures which are universal favorites, but others which are less widely known and not easily accessible.

Conservation of Living Religious HeritageConservation of Living Religious Heritage
by H. Stovel, N. Stanley-Price, R. Killick - ICCROM , 2005
Modern conservation philosophy is rooted in contemporary secular values. The most important issue arising in this volume is the conflict that can arise between the traditional values of a religious community and the goals of modern conservation.
Zen CultureZen Culture
by Thomas Hoover - Random House , 1977
Hoover provides an excellent introduction to the aesthetics of Japanese culture. Zen History, Zen, Haiku, Ceramics, Archery, Landscape Garden, Stone Garden, Ink Landscape Scroll, Zen Architecture, Sword, Katana, No Theater, Noh Theater, etc.
The Use of Art in Religious EducationThe Use of Art in Religious Education
by Albert Edward Bailey - Abingdon Press , 1922
The use of art in religious education is not a luxury. It is a necessity. It is a means the use of which makes possible a larger measure of religious growth with the least waste of time and energy and the greatest satisfaction to all concerned.
History Principles and Practice of Symbolism in Christian ArtHistory Principles and Practice of Symbolism in Christian Art
by F. Edward Hulme - Kessinger Publishing , 2003
A comprehensive review of Christian symbolism, from the primitive Church to the present. Illustrated with line drawings and engravings. Symbols investigated: the color white, the alpha and the omega, the good shepherd, the invocatory cross.