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Book of MagicBook of Magic
- Wikibooks , 2010
This free Wikibook provides a basic course of instruction in magic. Here magic is used in the sense of stage magic, illusionism, or legerdemain. Of course, many of the principles behind magical effects will be revealed here.

A History of DancingA History of Dancing
by R. St.-Johnston - Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent, & co. , 1906
Contents: The Muse of Dancing in Ancient Mythology; Dancing as a Religious Ceremony; Allegorical Dances; Quaint Dances in Civilized Countries; The Ballet; Stage Dancing of today; Dancing as a Social Pastime; A Short History of the World's Dancers.

A Foreign EducationA Foreign Education
by Craig Alan Williamson - Exposure Publishing , 2007
The University of Colorado has many lessons to teach British exchange student Ross: the art of unfastening bra straps, the politics of corrupting campus radio through obscene rapping, and the science of sharing a jail cell without using the toilet.