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Music and SpiritualityMusic and Spirituality
by Edward Foley - MDPI AG , 2015
Music is a virtually ubiquitous companion to religious and spiritual practices. The intangible, insubstantial nature of sound is one of the reasons why music has so effectively symbolized the mysterious and wholly other since the dawn of creation.
How to Write MusicHow to Write Music
by Clement A. Harris - H. W. Gray Co. , 1917
It is reasonable to expect that a musician shall be at least an accurate and legible writer as well as a reader of the language of his Art. The writing of music must be taught concurrently with the reading of it. Hence the following pages.
Sound ReasoningSound Reasoning
by Anthony Brandt, Robert McClure - Connexions , 2011
This book offers a new approach to music appreciation for adults, focusing on style-independent concepts. The goal is to equip you with questions that you may ask of any piece of music, thereby creating a more comprehensive understanding of music.
Music and MathematicsMusic and Mathematics
by Thomas M. Fiore - The University of Chicago , 2009
Music and mathematics are intricately related. There are certain mathematical structures inherent in all works of music. The language of mathematics is a convenient tool for comprehending and communicating this underlying structure.

Music Lovers EncyclopediaMusic Lovers Encyclopedia
by Rupert Hughes - McClure, Phillips & Co , 1903
A facsimile edition of a classic, long the standard reference on music with almost 1,000 pages that include an A to Z biographical dictionary of musicians with over 8,500 entries, a dictionary of 7,000 musical terms, synopses of 90 operas, and more.
The Music Internet UntangledThe Music Internet Untangled
by Andy Breeding - Giant Path Publishing , 2004
A primer on the different types of online music services and how to use them for music discovery. Though somewhat dated, the fundamentals haven't changed. The chapters on the types of services and music information on the net have remained relevant.