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Landscape Archaeology between Art and ScienceLandscape Archaeology between Art and Science
by Sjoerd J. Kluiving, Erika Guttmann-Bond (eds) - Amsterdam University Press , 2012
This volume is focusing on the definition of landscape as used by processual archaeologists, earth scientists, and most historical geographers. It provides a rich foundation for discussion, and the papers in this collection cover a variety of topics.
Prehistoric MenPrehistoric Men
by Robert J. Braidwood - Chicago Natural History Museum , 1959
The men who lived in prehistoric times left us no history books, but they did unintentionally leave a record of their presence and their way of life. This record is studied and interpreted by different kinds of scientists ...
Computational Approaches to the Study of Movement in ArchaeologyComputational Approaches to the Study of Movement in Archaeology
by Silvia Polla, Philip Verhagen - De Gruyter Open Ltd , 2014
The archaeological study of movement and of its related patterns and features has been transformed by the use of GIS. Path analysis has become a very popular approach to the study of settlement and land-use dynamics in landscape archaeology.

The Archaeology of Death in Post-medieval EuropeThe Archaeology of Death in Post-medieval Europe
by Sarah Tarlow (ed.) - Walter de Gruyter & Co. , 2015
There is now a real appetite on the part of those researching the burial practices of the last 500 years for an opportunity to present our work. This volume represents an early contribution to a discussion of what is still a new area of research.
The Petrie Museum of Egyptian ArchaeologyThe Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology
by Alice Stevenson - UCL Press , 2015
The Museum holds more than 80,000 objects and is one of the largest and finest collections of Egyptian and Sudanese archaeology in the world. The book moves back and forth between recent history and the ancient past, between objects and people.
Aztec Ruins National MonumentAztec Ruins National Monument
by John M. Corbett - National Park Service , 1962
Aztec Ruins National Monument consists of an enclosed area containing six major archeological complexes of rooms and structures, and at least seven smaller mounds which may contain structures or may be refuse mounds from the larger occupation zones.
Mesopotamian ArchaeologyMesopotamian Archaeology
by Percy S. P. Handcock - Macmillan & Co. , 1912
In addition to the chapters which deal expressly with the cultural evolution of the dwellers in Mesopotamia, two chapters are devoted to the Cuneiform writing -- its pictorial origin, the history of its decipherment, and the literature...
Stonehenge: Today and YesterdayStonehenge: Today and Yesterday
by Frank Stevens - Sampson Low, Marston & Co. , 1916
Amongst the many stone circles scattered over Great Britain, Stonehenge is unique, in the fact of having its stones carefully though roughly worked; and also in the introduction of the horseshoe within the circles, in the design of the building.
Archaeology: New Approaches in Theory and TechniquesArchaeology: New Approaches in Theory and Techniques
by Imma Ollich-Castanyer - InTech , 2012
Topics: New Approaches About Archaeological Theory; Use of Geophysics on Archaeological Fieldwork; New Applied Techniques - Improving Material Culture and Experimentation; and Sharing Knowledge - Some Proposals Concerning Education.
A Thousand Miles up the NileA Thousand Miles up the Nile
by Amelia B. Edwards - A. L. Burt Company , 1888
Sailing the Nile and armed with sketch-book and measuring tape, Amelia Edwards carefully recorded all she saw of the temples and monuments, and provided in A Thousand Miles Up The Nile the first general archaeological survey of Egypt's ruins.
Archaeology 2.0: New Approaches to Communication and CollaborationArchaeology 2.0: New Approaches to Communication and Collaboration
by E. C. Kansa, S. W. Kansa, E. Watrall - , 2011
How is the Web transforming the professional practice of archaeology? How can we best understand the possibilities of the Web in meeting the specialized needs of professionals? These are among the many questions posed and addressed in this book.
Light from Ancient CampfiresLight from Ancient Campfires
by Trevor R. Peck - AU Press , 2011
The book gathers together a comprehensive prehistoric archaeological record of the Northern Plains First Nations. Author Trevor R. Peck reviews the many changes of interpretation that have occurred in relevant literature during the last two decades.
Fresh Light from the Ancient MonumentsFresh Light from the Ancient Monuments
by A. H. Sayce - Religious Tract Society , 1884
A sketch of the most striking confirmations of the Bible, from the discoveries in Egypt, Palestine, Assyria, Babylonia, and Asia Minor. The book offers readers a unique, vivid perspective on the people, history and environment of ancient societies.
An Archaeology of GreeceAn Archaeology of Greece
by Anthony M. Snodgrass - University of California Press , 1992
In this book, Anthony Snodgrass argues that classical archaeology has a rare potential in the whole field of the study of the past to make innovative discoveries and apply modern approaches by widening the aims of the discipline.
New Directions in Archaeological ScienceNew Directions in Archaeological Science
by A. Fairbairn, S. O’Connor, B. Marwick - ANU E Press , 2009
This volume covers the thematic fields of geoarchaeology, archaeobotany, materials analysis and chronometry. The advances of Australasian archaeology set out in these papers will find a receptive audience among many archaeologists elsewhere.
How to Observe in ArchaeologyHow to Observe in Archaeology
by F. G. Kenyon - British Museum , 1920
The handbook for the use of travelers in the Near and Middle East who are interested in antiquities without being trained archaeologists. Here is some elementary information and advice useful for travelers with archaeological tastes.
Manual of Egyptian ArchaeologyManual of Egyptian Archaeology
by G. Maspero - Putnam , 1914
This work still remains the handbook of egyptian archaeology. For beginners this book will open a fresh and fascinating field of study, while for skilled archaeologist these pages contain new facts, new views and new interpretations.