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Banking RegulationBanking Regulation
by Kenneth Spong - Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City , 2000
This book covers many different aspects of banking regulation: the basic purposes of banking regulation in the United States, the historical development of our regulatory system, the basic powers of banks and bank holding companies, and more.

Central Banking and Monetary Policy: An IntroductionCentral Banking and Monetary Policy: An Introduction
by AP Faure - Bookboon , 2013
This book presents an introduction to central banking and monetary policy. Central banking is not just about monetary policy. It is also about being banker and advisor to government and managing the money and banking system ...

History of the Eighties -- Lessons for the FutureHistory of the Eighties -- Lessons for the Future
- Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation , 1997
A detailed analysis of the complex combination of causes that led to the extraordinary number of bank failures in the 1980s and early 1990s. An evaluation of the legislative, regulatory and supervisory responses to those failures.

Bank Management and Portfolio BehaviorBank Management and Portfolio Behavior
by Donald D. Hester, James L. Pierce - Yale University Press , 1975
The purpose of this monograph is to provide a microeconometric analysis of portfolio behavior and earnings by commercial and mutual savings banks. The results will be of value in constructing an aggregate model for the analysis of systems banks.

The Evolution of BankingThe Evolution of Banking
by Robert Harrison Howe - C. H. Kerr & co , 1915
This book does not contain all that might be written on the subject of money. It is published with the sole purpose of stimulating inquiry into the subject of which it treats and which has been nearly neglected by the leaders of advanced thought.

Money and BankingMoney and Banking
by Robert E. Wright, Vincenzo Quadrini - Flat World Knowledge , 2009
Minimal mathematics, accessible language, and a student-oriented tone ease readers into complex subjects like money, interest rates, banking, asymmetric information, financial crises and regulation, monetary policy, monetary theory, and other topics.

Dictionary of Banking Terms and PhrasesDictionary of Banking Terms and Phrases
- OCC , 2011
Terms related to banking, finance, money management, electronic commerce, and legal regulations. An indispensable reference for banking and finance professionals, students, business owners, and consumers. An aid to understanding banking practices.

Basics for Bank DirectorsBasics for Bank Directors
by Forest E. Myers - Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City , 2010
The goal of this book is to provide directors, especially non-management directors who may have little knowledge about banks and their operation, with basic information to help them be intelligent questioners of risk taking and risk management.

The Case Against the FedThe Case Against the Fed
by Murray N. Rothbard - Ludwig Von Mises Institute , 2007
The author presents the most powerful case against the American central bank ever written. This work begins with a mini-treatment of money and banking theory, and then plunges right in with the real history of the Federal Reserve System.

Verdict on the Crash: Causes and Policy ImplicationsVerdict on the Crash: Causes and Policy Implications
by Philip Booth, at al. - Institute of Economic Affairs , 2009
This book challenges the myth that the recent banking crisis was caused by insufficient statutory regulation of financial markets. The authors propose regulatory tools that are designed to target particular weaknesses in a banking system.

Banking and the Business CycleBanking and the Business Cycle
by C. A. Phillips - The MacMillan Company , 1937
This study appeared in 1937 as an analysis of the stock market crash and the great depression that followed. It explores the many theories tossed about at the time. The depression is held to be the consequence of the preceding boom.

What Has Government Done to Our Money?What Has Government Done to Our Money?
by Murray N. Rothbard - Ludwig von Mises Institute , 2005
Rothbard's famous monetary essay has influenced two generations of economists and business professionals. After presenting the basics of money and banking theory, the author traces the decline of the dollar from the 18th century to the present.

The Mystery of BankingThe Mystery of Banking
by Murray Rothbard - Ludwig von Mises Institute , 2008
This book unravels the mystery of banking: what is legitimate enterprise and what is a government-backed shell game that can't last. The explanation is clear enough for anyone to follow and yet rigorous enough to be the textbook for college classes.

Money, Bank Credit, and Economic CyclesMoney, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles
by Jesús Huerta de Soto - Ludwig von Mises Institute , 2006
Author has made history with this exciting treatise that the market can fully manage the money and banking sector, without inflation, without business cycles, and without the economic instability that has characterized the age of government control.

Free Banking: Theory, History and a Laissez-Faire ModelFree Banking: Theory, History and a Laissez-Faire Model
by Larry J. Sechrest - Mises Institute , 2008
Author argues that the debate over central and free banking is the most important economic issue of the day. He builds a model of central vs. free banking and shows that a competitive system would be self correcting where a centralized one is not.