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If Not for Profit, for What?If Not for Profit, for What?
by Dennis R. Young - Lexington Books , 1982
The nonprofit sector faces new demands for services that have become more difficult to provide in the face of inflationary pressures. The primary purpose of the book is to develop the rudiments of a theory of behavior of nonprofit organization.

Guide for CharitiesGuide for Charities
by Edmund G. Brown Jr. , 2005
This guide for charities is intended to help volunteers and others who serve as directors, officers or fundraisers for nonprofit charitable organizations. It provides practical information and answers to questions frequently asked about charities.

Building Capacity in Nonprofit OrganizationsBuilding Capacity in Nonprofit Organizations
by Carol J. De Vita, Cory Fleming - The Urban Institute , 2001
This report defines capacity building as the ability of nonprofit organizations to fulfill their missions in an effective manner. The push to link indicators of capacity to overall performance is critical to strengthening the sector.

Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers for First-time Job SeekersIdealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers for First-time Job Seekers
by Meg Busse, at al. - Idealist.org , 2008
This book is a free resource for emerging professionals pursuing their first position in the nonprofit sector. Written by the experts, the book is meant for current students, recent graduates, or someone entering the workforce for the first time.

Online Fundraising HandbookOnline Fundraising Handbook
by Nick Allen, at al. - Groundspring.org , 2004
The Internet has opened up new opportunities for nonprofits. This handbook is organized around two components: an interactive web site followed by an email communications program, and a strategy for attracting new potential donors to the website.