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Japanese Physical TrainingJapanese Physical Training
by H. Irving Hancock - Putnam , 1904
The system of exercise, diet and general mode of living that has made the Mikado's people the healthiest, strongest, and happiest men and women in the world. The author took supplementary courses under native teachers in Yokohama and in Tokio.
by P J G Robbins - Smashwords , 2014
This is the story of a man who hated running as a child but ended up completing the Marathon des Sables. It follows my training from the first tentative steps, through my first marathon attempt, to a blow by blow account of the crushing lows ...
Yoga: Uniting with your Blissful SelfYoga: Uniting with your Blissful Self
by Vinita Dubey Pande - Smashwords , 2012
A soul stirring journey of an ordinary person who wants to be free. It's a quest to find solutions to life’s problems, of seeking truth and happiness. Like others, the author is earnestly seeking guidance for making life evolutionary ...

Backwards RunningBackwards Running
by Robert K. Stevenson , 2010
This great classic describes the benefits of backwards running: builds stamina; strengthens leg muscles; improves quickness; promotes balance; enhances quality of life; restores good posture; adds variety to workout; provides sense of accomplishment.
An Introduction to YogaAn Introduction to Yoga
by Annie Wood Besant - Arc Manor LLC , 2008
The lectures (Delivered at the 32nd Anniversary of the Theosophical Society, 1907) intended to give an outline of Yoga, in order to prepare the student to take up, for practical purposes, the Yoga sutras of Patanjali, the chief treatise on Yoga.
An Introduction to the Philosophy of YogaAn Introduction to the Philosophy of Yoga
by Swami Krishnananda - The Divine Life Society , 2008
Yoga refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines originating in India. This is a study of the mechanics of yoga from its subjective, objective and transcendental aspects. A complete guide-book almost incomparable in its nature.
Yoga and RelaxationYoga and Relaxation
by Tony Crisp - Collins , 1970
This book covers all major aspects of Yoga in a compact form. It gives not only the practices, but also the spirit of yoga as seen in western adepts. Starting with the physical side, the book then progresses to the subtler phases of yoga.