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Getting started with Data WarehousingGetting started with Data Warehousing
- IBM Corporation , 2012
Data warehousing software works to manage a repository of large amount of data. It includes a series of features and functions that allow for easier reporting and analysis. IBM uses its InfoSphere Warehouse product to support data warehousing.

Getting started with pureQueryGetting started with pureQuery
by Vitor Rodrigues, et al. - IBM Corporation , 2010
pureQuery is a new data access platform from IBM that simplifies and optimizes applications that access data. Learn how to take advantage of pureQuery in your Java or .NET applications in conjunction with DB2 Express-C, the no-charge edition of DB2.

Getting started with InfoSphere Data ArchitectGetting started with InfoSphere Data Architect
by Erin Wilson, et al. - IBM Corporation , 2011
InfoSphere Data Architect (IDA), formerly known as Rational Data Architect, is the premier tool from IBM for database design and more!. Learn how to use it in conjunction with DB2 Express-C, the no-charge edition of DB2.

Getting Started with DB2 Application DevelopmentGetting Started with DB2 Application Development
by Raul F. Chong, at al. - IBM Corporation , 2010
Read this book to: Discover DB2 application development using DB2 Express-C; Write SQL, XQuery, and understand pureXML technology; Learn how to develop DB2 stored procedures, functions and data Web services; Work with DB2 and Java, C/C++, .NET, etc.

Getting Started with DB2 Express-CGetting Started with DB2 Express-C
by Raul Chong, Ian Hakes, Rav Ahuja - IBM Corporation , 2009
Find out what DB2 Express-C is all about; Understand DB2 architecture, tools, security; Learn how to administer DB2 databases; Write SQL, XQuery, stored procedures; Develop database applications for DB2; Practice using hands-on exercises; and more.

Getting Started with IBM Data Studio for DB2Getting Started with IBM Data Studio for DB2
by Debra Eaton, et al. - IBM Corporation , 2009
Find out what IBM Data Studio can do for you, learn everyday data management tasks, back up and recover DB2 databases, write and debug SQL stored procedures and routines, convert existing SQL or procedures to Web services, and more.