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Introductory ElectromagneticsIntroductory Electromagnetics
by Zoya Popovic, Branko D. Popovic - Prentice Hall , 1999
This text is primarily an intermediate level one-semester textbook in electromagnetic fields for engineering and physics students. Although vector calculus and basic physics are prerequisites, the book is practically self-contained.
Introduction to Electromagnetic EngineeringIntroduction to Electromagnetic Engineering
by Roger F. Harrington - McGraw-Hill , 1958
Based on circuit theory rather than on classical force-relationship approach, this text uses the theory of electric circuits to provide a system of experiments and introduces a series of field concepts as a logical extension of circuit theory.
Electromagnetic Waves Propagation in Complex MatterElectromagnetic Waves Propagation in Complex Matter
by Ahmed Kishk - InTech , 2011
The contents of the book is highlighting non classic presentation of wave propagation and interaction with matters. This volume is based on the contributions of several authors. It bridges the gap between physics and engineering in these issues.
Behaviour of Electromagnetic Waves in Different Media and StructuresBehaviour of Electromagnetic Waves in Different Media and Structures
by Ali Akdagli - InTech , 2011
This comprehensive volume covers wave propagation behaviors and computational techniques for electromagnetic waves in different complex media. The book will be of interest to electromagnetics and microwave engineers, physicists and scientists.

Electromagnetic WavesElectromagnetic Waves
by Vitaliy Zhurbenko - InTech , 2011
This book is dedicated to various aspects of electromagnetic wave theory and its applications. It covers the physics of electromagnetic waves, theory of electromagnetic wave propagation and scattering, methods of computational analysis, etc.
Worked Examples In ElectromagnetismWorked Examples In Electromagnetism
by Richard Carter - BookBoon , 2010
This is a companion volume to Electromagnetism for Electronic Engineers. It contains the worked examples, together with worked solutions to the end of chapter examples, which featured in the previous edition of the book.
Finite-element Methods for ElectromagneticsFinite-element Methods for Electromagnetics
by Stanley Humphries , 2010
Finite-element Methods for Electromagnetics covers a broad range of practical applications involving electric and magnetic fields. The text emphasizes finite- element techniques to solve real-world problems in research and industry.
Electromagnetism for Electronic EngineersElectromagnetism for Electronic Engineers
by Richard Carter - BookBoon , 2009
This book on electromagnetism starts with conventional sequence of presentation, beginning with electrostatics, then moving to current electricity, the magnetic effects of currents, electromagnetic induction and electromagnetic waves.