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Introduction to Proof TheoryIntroduction to Proof Theory
by Gilles Dowek - ESSLLI , 2001
These are the course notes for the 13th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information. Contents: Predicate Logic; Extension of Predicate Logic; Type Theory; Cut Elimination in Predicate Logic; Cut Elimination in Predicate Logic Modulo.
Isabelle/HOL: A Proof Assistant for Higher-Order LogicIsabelle/HOL: A Proof Assistant for Higher-Order Logic
by T. Nipkow, L.C. Paulson, M. Wenzel - Springer , 2010
This book is a self-contained introduction to interactive proof in higher-order logic, using the proof assistant Isabelle. It is a tutorial for potential users. The book has three parts: Elementary Techniques; Logic and Sets; Advanced Material.

Proof, Sets, and LogicProof, Sets, and Logic
by M. Randall Holmes - Boise State University , 2009
This textbook is intended to communicate something about proof, sets, and logic. It is about the foundations of mathematics, a subject which results when mathematicians examine the subject matter and the practice of their own subject very carefully.
Proof Theory and PhilosophyProof Theory and Philosophy
by Greg Restall - , 2006
A textbook in philosophical logic, accessible to someone who's done only an intro course in logic, covering some model theory and proof theory of propositional logic, and predicate logic. User-friendly and philosophically motivated presentation.
Logic and ProofLogic and Proof
by Lawrence C Paulson - University of Cambridge , 2002
These lecture notes give a brief introduction to logic, with including the resolution method of theorem-proving and its relation to the programming language Prolog. Formal logic is used for specifying and verifying computer systems.
Proofs and TypesProofs and Types
by J. Girard, Y. Lafont, P. Taylor - Cambridge University Press , 1989
This little book comes from a short graduate course on typed lambda-calculus given at the Universite Paris. It is not intended to be encyclopedic and the selection of topics was really quite haphazard. Some very basic knowledge of logic is needed.
Logic for Computer ScienceLogic for Computer Science
by Jean H. Gallier - Longman Higher Education , 1986
This online book is an introduction to mathematical logic. The emphasis is on proof theory and algorithmical procedures for formal proofs. The book is designed for computer scientists and mathematically inclined readers.
Language, Proof and LogicLanguage, Proof and Logic
by Jon Barwise, John Etchemendy - Center for the Study of Language , 2011
The book covers the boolean connectives, formal proof techniques, quantifiers, basic set theory, induction, proofs of soundness and completeness for propositional and predicate logic, and an accessible sketch of Godel's first incompleteness theorem.