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Book cover: Challenges and Paradigms in Applied Robust ControlChallenges and Paradigms in Applied Robust Control
by - InTech ,
The book presents challenges and paradigms in the field of applied robust control design and implementation. It contains a broad range of applications which include H-infinity, sliding mode, robust PID, fault tolerant based control systems, etc.
Book cover: Recent Advances in Robust Control: Novel Approaches and Design MethodsRecent Advances in Robust Control: Novel Approaches and Design Methods
by - InTech ,
A selective overview of recent theoretical developments and application examples. The book is a valuable reference for those interested in the recent theoretical advances and for researchers working in the broad field of robotics and mechatronics.
Book cover: Robust Control: Theory and ApplicationsRobust Control: Theory and Applications
by - InTech ,
This monograph presents a broad range of recent theoretical and application studies in the field of robust control system analysis and design. The topics include robust PID, H-infinity, sliding mode, fault tolerant, fuzzy and QFT control systems.

Book cover: Robust Adaptive ControlRobust Adaptive Control
by - Prentice Hall PTR ,
Comprehensive guide in the area of adaptive control of continuous-time systems. It presents the techniques for designing and analyzing adaptive systems, in a tutorial manner. Covers models for dynamic systems, stability, parameter identifiers, etc.
Book cover: Polynomial Methods for Robust ControlPolynomial Methods for Robust Control
by - LAAS-CNRS ,
This is a course for graduate students with a background in linear control systems and convex optimization. It focuses on the use of polynomials and polynomial matrices for the analysis and design of linear systems affected by parametric uncertainty.