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Memories of a Theoretical PhysicistMemories of a Theoretical Physicist
by Joseph Polchinski - arXiv.org , 2017
The target audience is theoretical physicists, especially young ones, who may enjoy comparing my struggles with their own. It has too much physics for a nontechnical reader, and too little for a physicist, but there will be different things for each.
Relativity, Space-Time and CosmologyRelativity, Space-Time and Cosmology
by Jose Wudka - UC Riverside , 2002
These notes cover the development of the scientific concepts of space and time through history, emphasizing the newest developments and ideas. The presentation will be non-mathematical: the concepts will be explained, but no calculations performed.

Time Travel: A Brief HistoryTime Travel: A Brief History
- Wikipedia , 2014
Contents: Multiverse; Many-worlds interpretation; Novikov self-consistency principle; Wormhole; Faster-than-light; Chronology protection conjecture; Philosophy of space and time; Eternalism; Determinism; Free will; Time travel in fiction; etc.
Makers of ElectricityMakers of Electricity
by Brother Potamian, James Joseph Walsh - Fordham University Press , 1909
This volume represents an effort in the direction of the biographical history of electricity. The controlling idea in its preparation was to provide brief yet reasonably complete sketches of the lives of the great pioneer workers in electricity.
Galileo and EinsteinGalileo and Einstein
by Michael Fowler - UVa , 2009
This course traces the historical development of some key scientific ideas: space, time, motion, mass and force. Philosophers, and more practical people, have struggled with these concepts since the earliest recorded times ...
Lord KelvinLord Kelvin
by Andrew Gray - J. M. Dent & Co. , 1908
The aim of the volume is to give an account of Lord Kelvin's life of scientific activity, and to explain to the student, and to the general reader who takes an interest in physical science and its applications, the nature of his discoveries.
Eight Lectures on Theoretical PhysicsEight Lectures on Theoretical Physics
by Max Planck - Columbia University Press , 1915
Landmark lectures (1909) by discoverer of quantum theory present revolutionary developments occasioned by application of quantum hypothesis to blackbody radiation. Also, how statistical mechanics transformed understanding of chemical physics.
String Theory: a perspective over the last 25 yearsString Theory: a perspective over the last 25 years
by Sunil Mukhi - arXiv , 2011
This text provides some historical background and then reviews developments in string theory over the last twenty-five years. Both perturbative and non-perturbative approaches are surveyed and their impact on how we view quantum gravity is analysed.
Preludes to Dark Energy: Zero-point energy and vacuum speculationsPreludes to Dark Energy: Zero-point energy and vacuum speculations
by Helge Kragh - arXiv , 2011
Although dark energy is a modern concept, some elements in it can be traced back to the early part of the twentieth century. This paper examines the origin of the idea of zero-point energy and in particular how it appeared in a cosmological context.
Elements of Early Modern PhysicsElements of Early Modern Physics
by J. L. Heilbron - University of California Press , 1982
Part 1 is a very general and discursive survey of 17th century physics; Part 2 is a valuable comparison of the various institutional settings in which 17th and 18th century scientists worked; Part 3 is a history of electricity up to about 1800.
Quantum Theory at the CrossroadsQuantum Theory at the Crossroads
by Guido Bacciagaluppi, Antony Valentini - Cambridge University Press , 2009
1927 Solvay conference reconsidered. Contrary to folklore, the interpretation question was not settled at this conference and no consensus was reached; instead, a range of sharply conflicting views were presented and extensively discussed.
Lawrence and His Laboratory: A History of the Lawrence Berkeley LaboratoryLawrence and His Laboratory: A History of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
by J. L. Heilbron, Robert W. Seidel - University of California Press , 1989
The Radiation Laboratory in Berkeley, California, was the birthplace of particle accelerators, radioisotopes, and modern big science. This volume is a saga of physics and finance in the Great Depression, when a new kind of science was born.
From c-Numbers to q-NumbersFrom c-Numbers to q-Numbers
by Olivier Darrigol - University of California Press , 1993
A mathematically precise history of quantum mechanics. This history is a maze of conceptual problems, through which Olivier Darrigol provides a lucid and learned guide, tracking the role of formal analogies between classical and quantum theory.
Lawrence and the CyclotronLawrence and the Cyclotron
by Peter Westwick - American Institute of Physics , 2009
As he built machines to study subatomic particles, Ernest Lawrence created modern Big Science. After helping make the first atomic bombs, he became a leader of Cold War science. His biography is illustrated with pictures, explanations and a song.
Albert Einstein: Image and ImpactAlbert Einstein: Image and Impact
- American Institute of Physics , 2004
His theories and philosophy rose above a turbulent life. The story, checked for accuracy by leading historians, will interest all readers. Enhanced with striking pictures, voice clips, and essays, this is a one-stop source for Einstein information.