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Introduction to Inorganic ChemistryIntroduction to Inorganic Chemistry
- Wikibooks , 2014
This textbook is intended for a first semester course in inorganic chemistry, covering the basic concepts in structure, bonding, and properties that underlie the field. The objective is to understand valence bond theory, crystal field theory, etc.

Noble Gases: An OverviewNoble Gases: An Overview
- Wikipedia , 2014
The noble gases make a group of chemical elements with similar properties: under standard conditions they are all odorless, colorless, monatomic gases with very low chemical reactivity. The six noble gases: helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, radon.

Inorganic ChemistryInorganic Chemistry
by Taro Saito - Kanagawa University , 2004
The author has tried to describe minimum chemical facts and concepts that are necessary to understand modern inorganic chemistry. The book describes important compounds along the periodic table, and readers are expected to learn typical ones...

A Guide to Elementary Chemistry for BeginnersA Guide to Elementary Chemistry for Beginners
by Le Roy C. Cooley - Ivison, Blakeman, and Company , 1886
I have tried to make selection of the most fundamental facts and principles of chemistry, and to present these in such a way that the student must constantly use his senses to discover facts and his reason in drawing correct inferences.

Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry: Key ideas and their experimental basisIntroduction to Inorganic Chemistry: Key ideas and their experimental basis
by Peter G. Nelson - BookBoon , 2011
Topics covered: Relative importance of different elements; Metals and nonmetals; Binary compounds; Types of formula; Classification of elements according to the electrochemical series; Valency; Pseudo-binary compounds; The Periodic Table; etc.

An Elementary Study of ChemistryAn Elementary Study of Chemistry
by William Edwards Henderson - ManyBooks , 1905
It has been the aim of the authors to prepare a text-book constructed along lines which have become recognized as best suited to an elementary treatment. At the same time they have made a consistent effort to make the text clear in outline.

Practical ChemistryPractical Chemistry
by Lyman Churchill Newell - D. C. Heath & Co. , 1922
A textbook intended for the first year of chemistry. The book is written plainly, illustrated fully, and applied practically. It stimulates interest in chemistry, and can be studied profitably. The text is carefully selected and properly arranged.

Water Structure and ScienceWater Structure and Science
by Martin Chaplin , 2008
Water is the simplest compound of the two most common reactive elements, consisting of just two hydrogen atoms attached to a single oxygen atom. Liquid water, however, is the most extraordinary substance. This is a comprehensive online book on water.