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Hydrides: Fundamentals and ApplicationsHydrides: Fundamentals and Applications
by Craig Jensen, Etsuo Akiba, Hai-Wen Li (eds.) - MDPI AG , 2017
The reversible elimination of hydrogen from metal hydrides serves as the basis for unique methods of energy transformation. This technology has found widespread practical utilization in applications such as hydrogen compressors, storage, batteries.
Surface Chemistry and CatalysisSurface Chemistry and Catalysis
by Michalis Konsolakis (ed.) - MDPI AG , 2016
The book covers some of the recent advances in the field of heterogeneous catalysis that can be obtained by advanced characterization techniques, computational calculations and time-resolved methods, with emphasis on structure-activity relationships.

Chemical Laboratory Safety and SecurityChemical Laboratory Safety and Security
- National Academies Press , 2016
This toolkit expansion product will enhance the use of the previous reference book and the accompanying toolkit, especially in developing countries where safety resources are scarce and experience of operators and end-users may be limited.
The Renaissance of Science: The Story of the Atom and ChemistryThe Renaissance of Science: The Story of the Atom and Chemistry
by Albert Martini - Project Gutenberg , 2014
The 2000 year history of the atom and chemistry, from the Classic Greek Era to the present, described in 800 pages. This history discusses the lives of about 180 chemists and physicists, representing the most important scientific accomplishments.
Differential Equations In Applied ChemistryDifferential Equations In Applied Chemistry
by F.L. Hitchcock, C.S. Robinson - John Wiley And Sons , 1923
This book is based on a course given to students in Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The purpose is not to teach Chemistry, but to teach Mathematics in a form readily assimilated by Chemists and Chemical Engineers.
Introductory ChemistryIntroductory Chemistry
by Edward W. Pitzer - Bookboon , 2014
A brief introduction to the fundamentals of chemistry. The textbook is designed to introduce chemistry to students who will take only one chemistry course in their academic career. Certain chemistry topics are covered in a generalized manner.
Elements and Atoms: Case Studies in the Development of ChemistryElements and Atoms: Case Studies in the Development of Chemistry
by Carmen Giunta - Le Moyne College , 2014
My intention here is to collect several articles by scientists who contributed to the development of knowledge about atoms and elements, and to provide sufficient background and commentary to place the work of these pioneers in context.
Introduction to General ChemistryIntroduction to General Chemistry
by H.N. McCoy, E.M. Terry - McGraw-Hill , 1920
The book has been written for college Freshmen, and, as its title implies, it is intended to serve as an introduction to general chemistry. In consequence we have aimed to present a continuous and connected story in teachable form.
Introduction to ChemistryIntroduction to Chemistry
by Tracy Poulsen - Open Education Group , 2010
Contents: The Structure of the Atom; Organization of the Elements; Describing Compounds; Problem Solving and the Mole; Mixtures and Their Properties; Describing Chemical Reactions; Acids and Bases; Energy of Chemical Changes; Nuclear Changes; Gases.
Basic Ideas In ChemistryBasic Ideas In Chemistry
by Michael Clark , 2013
Success in studying Chemistry depends upon the familiarity of students with a few basic ideas, conventions, and methods upon which later studies are built. This small book presents these basic ideas, conventions and methods in chemistry.
A Concise History of ChemistryA Concise History of Chemistry
by Thomas Percy Hilditch - D. Van Nostrand , 1911
This book is an attempt to outline as briefly and succinctly as possible the historical development of chemistry. It is presumed that the reader is acquiring, or already possesses, a fair knowledge of present-day chemical theory and practice.
Advanced Maths for ChemistsAdvanced Maths for Chemists
by J. E. Parker - Bookboon , 2013
The third of a three part series of texts designed for a first-year university course. Tutorial questions with solutions are used to help the students to self-pace themselves. Colored molecular structures, graphs and diagrams bring the text alive.
General ChemistryGeneral Chemistry
by Hamilton Perkins Cady - Forgotten Books , 1916
In this book the author is developing the subject as logically as possible from the descriptive and experimental side; each law and theory has been presented at the point which seems best fitted both to the student and to the subject.
Intermediate Maths for ChemistsIntermediate Maths for Chemists
by J. E. Parker - Bookboon , 2013
This volume is the second of a three part series of texts taken during a first-year university course. Tutorial questions with fully worked solutions structured on a weekly basis to help the students to self-pace themselves are used.
Introductory Maths for ChemistsIntroductory Maths for Chemists
by J. E. Parker - Bookboon , 2013
This volume teaches Maths from a 'chemical' perspective and is the first of a three part series of texts taken during a first-year university course. It is the Maths required by a Chemist, or Chemical Engineer, Chemical Physicist, Biochemist,...
Introductory Chemistry OnlineIntroductory Chemistry Online
by Paul R. Young - Wikibooks , 2011
Introductory Chemistry Online is an open-source introductory chemistry textbook/workbook that is designed cover a college-level one-semester course. The text is designed to be simple, uncluttered and very much to the point.
Atoms, Molecules and Matter: The Stuff of ChemistryAtoms, Molecules and Matter: The Stuff of Chemistry
by Roy McWeeny - Learning Development Institute , 2011
Contents: The structure of matter; Molecules in motion; Chemical Reactions; A deeper look at the ideal gas; The Second Law; Statistical interpretation of the Second Law; Partition functions and properties; Finally - back to Chemical Reactions.
Introductory ChemistryIntroductory Chemistry
by David W. Ball - Flat World Knowledge , 2011
David W. Ball brings his new survey of general chemistry text to the market with a fresh theme that will be sure to hold student interest: 'Chemistry is Everywhere'. Intended for a one-semester introductory or preparatory chemistry course.
The Basics of General, Organic, and Biological ChemistryThe Basics of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry
by David W. Ball, John W. Hill, Rhonda J. Scott - Flat World Knowledge , 2011
The Basics of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry is a new textbook for the one-semester General, Organic and Biological Chemistry course. It is written by three chemistry professors with specific, complimentary research and teaching areas.
Fundamentals of ChemistryFundamentals of Chemistry
by Romain Elsair - BookBoon , 2012
This book is about fundamental concepts that any chemistry student should not only be aware of but proficient at. It deals with the states of matter, the mole, the shapes of molecules, the elements and their properties in the periodic table, etc.
Essentials of ChemistryEssentials of Chemistry
by Soren Prip Beier, Peter Dybdahl Hede - BookBoon , 2010
Atoms, chemical bonds and chemical compounds, chemical reaction kinetics, chemical equilibria, acid and base theory and electrochemistry -- all of this is presented to help students get a solid understanding of fundamental and applied chemistry.
Chemical Information SourcesChemical Information Sources
by Gary Wiggins - Wikibooks , 2011
Main topics: How and Where to Start (Publications, Guides, Computer Searching, Current Awareness, Reviews); How and Where to Search: General; How and Where to Search: Specialized; Communicating in Chemistry; Miscellaneous; Supplemental Resources.
General ChemistryGeneral Chemistry
- Wikibooks , 2010
An introduction to the chemical world. Topics: Properties of Matter; Atomic Structure; Compounds and Bonding; Chemical Reactions; Aqueous Solutions; Phases of Matter; Chemical Equilibria; Chemical Kinetics; Thermodynamics; and more.
Concept Development Studies in ChemistryConcept Development Studies in Chemistry
by John S. Hutchinson - Connexions , 2010
This is a textbook for an Introductory General Chemistry course. Each module develops a central concept in Chemistry from experimental observations and inductive reasoning. This approach complements an interactive or active learning approach.
Elementary Applied ChemistryElementary Applied Chemistry
by Lewis Benajah Allyn - Ginn and Company , 1912
The object of the exercises in this book is to create and to foster a real love for and interest in the great science of chemistry, to give the pupil a broader outlook on life, and to cause him to feel that he is a factor in the busy, living world.
Chemical Ecology: The Chemistry of Biotic InteractionChemical Ecology: The Chemistry of Biotic Interaction
by Thomas Eisner, Jerrold Meinwald - National Academies Press , 1995
This book highlights selected research areas that are contributing to advancement of chemical ecology. Leading experts review the chemistry of insect defense; phyletic dmoninance; social regulation; eavesdropping, alarm and deceit; and reproduction.
Multiscale Simulation Methods in Molecular SciencesMultiscale Simulation Methods in Molecular Sciences
by J. Grotendorst, N. Attig, S. Bluegel, D. Marx - Julich Supercomputing Centre , 2009
Coarse graining of molecular systems and solids, quantum/classical hybrid methods, embedding and multiple time step techniques, creating reactive potentials, multiscale magnetism, adaptive resolution ideas or hydrodynamic interactions are discussed.
Electrically Driven Membrane ProcessesElectrically Driven Membrane Processes
by Soren Prip Beier - BookBoon , 2006
Electrically driven membrane processes will be introduced in this book. Important terms such as critical current density, desalination degree, and current efficiency will be described through illustrations and a large amount of examples.
Modelling Batch Systems Using Population BalancesModelling Batch Systems Using Population Balances
by Peter Dybdahl Hede - BookBoon , 2006
One-dimensional population balances are used as a modelling tool for a variety of chemical processes. In this text the population balances are introduced with focus on each of the terms in the balance. The book is a starting point for beginners.
Hydrodynamic Modelling and Granular DynamicsHydrodynamic Modelling and Granular Dynamics
by Peter Dybdahl Hede - BookBoon , 2006
This book provides a beginners guide to hydrodynamic modelling with focus on agglomeration processes. The basic terms and principles are introduced including Eulerian and Langrangian models. The text is on a bachelor or master-of-science level.
Advanced Granulation Theory at Particle LevelAdvanced Granulation Theory at Particle Level
by Peter Dybdahl Hede - BookBoon , 2006
In many types of biochemical and pharmaceutical industries fluid bed granulation in the form of agglomeration and coating processes are essential operations in the production of solid products. This text presents the relevant models and theory.
Pressure Driven Membrane ProcessesPressure Driven Membrane Processes
by Soren Prip Beier - BookBoon , 2007
Membrane processes are key unit operations in almost all parts of the chemical, biochemical, and pharmaceutical downstream processing. In this book, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis are introduced.
The Chemistry of HealthThe Chemistry of Health
by Alison Davis - National Institutes of Health , 2009
From the table of contents: Disease... Pollution... Hunger... Global warming; Actions and Reactions; You Are What You Eat!; Cool Tools; Nature's Products; Chemistry... For a Healthier World; Chemistry Meets Medicine; What Is Chemistry?
Chemistry Explained: Foundations and ApplicationsChemistry Explained: Foundations and Applications
- Advameg, Inc. , 2009
A source of fundamental information for research reports, science fair projects, classroom demonstrations, and other activities. It is a source of information about the building blocks of nature for those who want to know more about the elements.
CK-12 ChemistryCK-12 Chemistry
by S. Bewick, J. Edge, T. Forsythe, R. Parsons - CK-12 Foundation , 2009
The Atomic Theory, Electron Configurations and the Periodic Table, Ions and the Compounds They Form, Covalent Bonding, Chemical Reactions, Chemical Kinetics, Acids, Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and more.
Descriptive ChemistryDescriptive Chemistry
by Lyman Churchill Newell - D.C. Heath & Co , 1903
This book is intended for teachers who wish to emphasize the facts, laws, theories, and applications of chemistry. It is divided into two parts. Part I contains the text, together with exercises and problems. Part II contains the experiments.
GRE Chemistry Test Practice BookGRE Chemistry Test Practice Book
- Educational Testing Service , 2002
This book contains one actual, full-length GRE Chemistry Test and test-taking strategies. You can become familiar with test structure, content, test instructions and answering procedures. The test consists of about 136 multiple-choice questions.
The Basics of NMRThe Basics of NMR
by Joseph P. Hornak - Rochester Institute of Technology , 1999
Nuclear magnetic resonance, or NMR as it is abbreviated by scientists, is a phenomenon which occurs when the nuclei of certain atoms are immersed in a static magnetic field and exposed to a second oscillating magnetic field.
Synthetic Strategies in ChemistrySynthetic Strategies in Chemistry
by B. Viswanathan - Indian Institute of Technology , 2008
Introduction to synthetic strategies in chemistry, synthetic methods, sol-gel techniques, template based synthesis, micro-emulsion techniques, synthesis by solid state decomposition, strategies for nano materials, electrochemical synthesis, etc.
Chemical DynamicsChemical Dynamics
by J.B. Dence, H.B. Gray, G.S. Hammond - W. A. Benjamin, Inc. , 1968
Chemical dynamics is the systematic study of reactions and reactivity. Its early introduction forms a solid foundation for later study. The book is intended for students who have had introductory stoichiometry, energetics, and structure.
Molecular Orbital TheoryMolecular Orbital Theory
by Carl Ballhausen, Harry Gray - W. A. Benjamin, Inc. , 1965
An introduction to molecular orbital theory for advanced-undergraduate and first-year graduate students. The transition metal complexes occupy a special place here, and the last chapter is devoted entirely to this subject.
Electrons and Chemical BondingElectrons and Chemical Bonding
by Harry B. Gray - W. A. Benjamin, Inc. , 1965
This textbook is an introduction to the modern theories of chemical bonding for the undergraduate student in chemistry. The book starts with a discussion of atomic structure and proceeds to the principal subject of chemical bonding.
Chem1 Virtual TextbookChem1 Virtual Textbook
by Stephen Lower , 2008
Comprehensive coverage of the major topics in general chemistry at the advanced-HS and university levels. This is a reference text to supplement a conventional textbook, or the primary reading in directed-study and distance-education courses.
Nature of the Chemical BondNature of the Chemical Bond
by William A. Goddard III - California Institute of Technology , 1986
This text explanes the structure of molecules using quantum mechanical ideas, stressing qualitative and semi-quantitative considerations with the emphasis on developing principles that can be used to make reliable predictions on new systems.
Chemical PrinciplesChemical Principles
by R.E. Dickerson, H.B. Gray, G.P. Haight - Benjamin/Cummings , 1979
A general university chemistry textbook, it provides an overview of chemistry for nonspecialists and a foundation for later study for chemistry majors. The text introduces different areas of chemistry: inorganic, nuclear, organic, and biochemistry.
Frontiers in ChemistryFrontiers in Chemistry
by B Viswanathan - National Centre for Catalysis Research , 2007
Performance materials, composite materials, nano materials, silicon substitutes, solar cells, ionic liquids, fuel cells, nuclear energy options, hydrogen energy, energy storage, diagnosis and drug delivery, pollution control, and more.