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Book cover: The Crime of Sylvestre BonnardThe Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard
by ,
Sylvestre Bonnard is a historian and philologist, gifted with great erudition. He launches himself into the research of the precious manuscript of the French version of the Golden Legend. By chance he meets a young girl named Jeanne ...
Book cover: Monsieur Bergeret in ParisMonsieur Bergeret in Paris
by - John Lane Co. ,
An autobiographical tale in which the hero, Monsieur Bergeret, a thoughtful man of letters who had formerly held himself aloof from political strife, was drawn onto the public stage because of the Dreyfus Affair, just as Anatole France had been.
Book cover: The Life of Joan of ArcThe Life of Joan of Arc
by - ManyBooks ,
Thoroughly researched with a wealth of references, Anatole France sought to bring a rationalist viewpoint to the legendary French heroine and to examine and, where necessary, overturn the superstitious additions to her history.
Book cover: Penguin IslandPenguin Island
by - Modern Library ,
Anatole France spares no one in this satire about the life and death of the Penguin empire. Describing the founding and subsequent fall of the empire, this story pokes fun at the Church, military, courts and every political movement known to man.

Book cover: The Revolt of the AngelsThe Revolt of the Angels
by - Dodd, Mead and Company ,
Beneath the shadow of St. Sulpice the ancient mansion of the d'Esparvieu family rears its austere three stories between a moss-grown fore-court and a garden hemmed in, as the years have elapsed, by ever loftier and more intrusive buildings.