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- Royal College of Physicians , 2008
This guideline applies to people with a working diagnosis of osteoarthritis who present for treatment or whose activities are significantly affected by their osteoarthritis. The management of neck or back pain are not part of this guideline.

People With MS and the Courage to GivePeople With MS and the Courage to Give
by Jackie Waldman - Booktrope , 2009
Inspiring stories from people who have moved past the challenges of the disease to give back to their communities. They have two things in common: they are people living with MS, and they are people who are reaching out to the world around them.

Insects and DiseasesInsects and Diseases
by Rennie W. Doane - The Quinn & Boden Co. press , 1910
This little book is an attempt to bring together and place in untechnical form the most important of the facts gathered from sources many of which are at present inaccessible to the general reader, perhaps even to many physicians and entomologists.

Skin Deep: A Mind/Body Program for Healthy SkinSkin Deep: A Mind/Body Program for Healthy Skin
by Ted A. Grossbart, Carl Sherman - Health Press NA , 2009
If you have brought your persistent eczema, your psoriasis or other distressing skin ailment to specialists, and if all the medications have failed to help, you must wonder if there is something else -- and ardently hope that there is.

Living a Full Life with Rheumatoid ArthritisLiving a Full Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis
by Jasmine Jenkins - How To Books Ltd , 2007
This book enables you to understand more about Rheumatoid Arthritis and the medication involved. Reduce your pain and use joint protection techniques, Benefit from exercise and posture, Relax and manage stress, Adapt to changes in your life.

Evolution of Sickness and HealingEvolution of Sickness and Healing
by Horacio Fabrega, Jr. - University of California Press , 1999
Looking at human sickness and healing through the lens of evolutionary theory, the author presents the need to show and communicate sickness and to seek and provide healing as innate biological traits grounded in evolution.

All of a Piece: A Life With Multiple SclerosisAll of a Piece: A Life With Multiple Sclerosis
by Barbara D. Webster - The Johns Hopkins University Press , 1998
This incredibly personal book deals with the attempts of a young multiple sclerosis patient to come to terms with her disease. If you have a chronic disease, or want to know more about the American culture of illness, this is a must read book.