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Insect Physiology and EcologyInsect Physiology and Ecology
by Vonnie D.C. Shields (ed.) - InTech , 2017
This book discusses recent contributions focusing on insect physiology and ecology written by experts in their fields. It targets a wide audience of general biologists, entomologists, ecologists, zoologists, virologists, and epidemiologists.

Introduction to InsectsIntroduction to Insects
- Wikipedia , 2014
Contents: Insect physiology and morphology; Blattodea; Coleoptera; Dermaptera; Diptera; Ephemeroptera; Hemiptera; Hymenoptera; Isoptera; Lepidoptera; Mantodea; Neuroptera; Odonata; Phasmatodea; Phthiraptera; Plecoptera; Orthoptera; Siphonaptera.
Dr. Eleanor's Book of Common AntsDr. Eleanor's Book of Common Ants
by Eleanor Spicer Rice - Your Wild Life , 2013
Dr. Eleanor is an entomologist with a knack for telling good stories, especially about the secret lives of her favorite insects: the ANTS! In this new guide, Dr. Eleanor delights readers young and old with tales of our tiny insect neighbors.
New Zealand Moths and ButterfliesNew Zealand Moths and Butterflies
by G. V. Hudson - West, Newman & Co. , 1898
The present work is intended as a guide to those who desire to collect or study our native Lepidoptera, and also as a book of reference to the general reader. With a few exceptions this book only treats of what are termed the Macro-Lepidoptera.
The Common Spiders of the United StatesThe Common Spiders of the United States
by James Henry Emerton - Ginn & Co. , 1902
A small and simple book for readers who want to know a little about spiders in general and especially those species that they often meet with. It is hoped this book will answer the purpose and help to lessen the prejudice against spiders.
Explanation of Terms Used in EntomologyExplanation of Terms Used in Entomology
by John B. Smith - Brooklyn Entomological Society , 1906
The book is of exceptional historical interest in the insights it gives into development of early modern entomological science. It also is of practical value as a source for terms that are obscure to modern users because they are no longer current.
The Butterfly BookThe Butterfly Book
by William Jacob Holland - Doubleday, Page & Company , 1922
The aim is to guide the amateur collector in right paths and to prepare him by the accomplishment of his labors for the enjoyment of more difficult researches in this field. The work is confined to the fauna of the continent of North America.
Our Insect Friends and EnemiesOur Insect Friends and Enemies
by John Bernhard Smith - J.B. Lippincott Company , 1909
The relation of insects to man, to other animals, to one another, and to plants, with a chapter on the war against insects. The insects' influence upon humanity, directly and indirectly, is vastly greater than is generally realized.
American InsectsAmerican Insects
by Vernon L. Kellogg - Holt , 1904
This book provides a general systematic account of all the principal groups of insects as they occur in America, together with special accounts of the structure, physiology, development and metamorphoses of certain particularly interesting insects.
Book of MonstersBook of Monsters
by D. Fairchild, M.H. Fairchild - National Geographic Society , 1914
The pictures in this book are portraits of creatures which are as much the real inhabitants of the world as we are, and have all the rights that we have. Because their own struggle for existence so often crosses ours, many of them are our enemies.
Collecting and Preserving Insects and ArachnidsCollecting and Preserving Insects and Arachnids
by I.M. Millar, V.M Uys, R.P. Urban - ARC-PPRI , 1999
A manual for entomology and arachnology. Techniques to collect, process and prepare insects and arachnids for study are presented, as well as important information on how to preserve and curate material in a reference collection.
Butterflies Worth KnowingButterflies Worth Knowing
by Clarence M. Weed - Doubleday, Page & Company , 1922
In this little book an attempt has been made to discuss the more abundant and widely distributed butterflies of eastern North America from the point of view of their life histories and their relations to their surroundings.
Handbook of Medical EntomologyHandbook of Medical Entomology
by O. A. Johanssen, W. A. Riley - The Comstock Publishing Company , 1915
The object of the Handbook is to afford a general survey of the field, and to put the student of medicine and entomology in touch with the discoveries and theories which underlie some of the most important modern work in preventive medicine.
An Elementary Study of InsectsAn Elementary Study of Insects
by Leonard Haseman - Missouri Book Company , 1923
Contents: introduction; grasshopper; house fly or typhoid fly; mosquito; cabbage miller; apple worm; tomato or tobacco worm; firefly; white grub or june-bug; Colorado potato beetle; lady-beetle; dragon-fly; squash bug; plant-louse; honey bee; ant.
Insects : Their Ways and Means of LivingInsects : Their Ways and Means of Living
by Robert Evans Snodgrass - Dover , 1967
Contents: the grasshopper and its cousins, roaches and other ancient insects, ways and means of living, termites, plant lice, the periodical cicada, insect metamorphosis, the caterpillar and the moth, mosquitoes and flies.